Film about Mother Katarzyna and Augustian Sisters

Film about Mother Katarzyna and Augustian Sisters

Hello everyone!!!

As you might know, I am Maya and I attended the Saint Rita High School in Krakow.

While I was in third class, there was organized a competition for the best film about Mother Katarzyna and Augustian Sisters. Together with a friend, we did it for 3 weeks and hoped to win.

In the meantime, we interviewed the nuns, delving into their life with God, and it was a great experience for us.

We didn’t do it as usual – to express the life of Mother Katarzyna – we decided to show everyone behind the scenes. How nuns were living and what they thought and how described their Mother Katarzyna. What ideas were brought to life thanks to her activities.

There were 4 judges and an additional price for the ones who get the most likes and comments on Facebook. After a hard battle with our 3 competitors, we got the additional price for getting the most activities on our Film.

There were 4 competing groups of two. We managed to get second place but as we think it might be also influenced by the fact that we got the additional price. In the 1st place were the girls who quite nicely and creatively showed the life of Mother Katarzyna by showing some small looks in the past by getting dressed and with the interview of some personas.

As for the prices:

1st – small tablets

2nd – Disc storage

3rd – Selfie stick

4th – Memory card

Facebook price – JBL speaker

It was all funded by our school. As they wanted to promote, this way, Mother Katarzyna, and as we think, make her saint.

The film is in Polish.

Konkurs „Już od ponad 400 lat…” (Matka Katarzyna z Kłobucka)

? Konkurs „Już od ponad 400 lat…”Tematyka: Matka Katarzyna z Kłobucka, Siostry Augustianki? Autorzy pracy: Maja Volkov, Karolina Drabik-Bańbuła? Jak możesz zagłosować na ten film?Zaznacz swoją aktywność pod tym postem (zareaguj na niego, udostępnij go lub skomentuj).? Głosowanie potrwa do 25 listopada do godziny 15:00.? Wyniki konkursu zostaną ogłoszone po zakończeniu głosowania.

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