Kathmandu, High Himalaya Bakery: cake on order

Kathmandu, High Himalaya Bakery: cake on order

In order to know the prices of cakes…

We did a small round around the region, in Bauda, Kathmandu. In the end, we chose the nearby High Himalaya Bakery:

High Himalaya Bakery
Ramhiti, Boudha, Kathmandu

Which price list – standard in Kathmandu – I present below:

  • small chocolate cake 500 grams – 550 rs
  • medium chocolate cake 750 grams – 825 rs
  • big chocolate cake 1100 grams – 1100 rs

The price applies to a chocolate cake or a black forest of a given size with the ‘Happy Birthday Anna’ inscription, or whatever the customer wants.

Other cakes

The offer also includes colorful cakes (I will not say fruit, because they contain only the added color and aroma – like a green or purple cake). Such a cake has a correspondingly lower price, e.g. the medium size costs 750 Rs.

In addition to the cakes at the exhibition are baked cakes: banana, apple, carrot and orange. Such a cake is cut into 8 and on the spot you can taste a piece of 90 grams at a price of 60-70 Rs.

The buying and taste

Finally, we took a small classic chocolate cake. We paid the advance, wrote the name to be in the dedication and agreed to pick up at 4 the next day. The cake was on time.

In consumption, we summarized that Polish confectionery production does not get to the local one. The Polish cake from the pastry shop has a dry biscopt cake with butter and confectionery powders.

This one is made just like we used to do at home – a biscopt soaked with something (I did not feel what they were pouring in, but the punch was rather without alcohol) and overlaid with a delicate cream. Chocolate cover ideal.

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