How Coronavirus came to our life

How Coronavirus came to our life

What is Coronavirus? It came to us like thunder from the sky.

I don’t exactly remember but it was somewhere in January when I woke up early in the morning, getting ready for school, when my dad, who is familiar with all the surrounding news, informed me about the new virus spreading in China. We didn’t take it seriously nor we do now, but just like a small curiosity. The same day I asked the janitor in my school did he hear about that news and what does he thinks about it. He said “It will go away. There are a lot of things like this going on around all the time and it doesn’t bring us anything new so…”. I accepted his words as I thought that there might be more to this.

By the next two months which passed, we heard a lot more than we expected about the new virus. We watched how it spread. We saw fear in some people’s eyes as it got closer. The fear was made mainly by media.

We don’t have a TV at home as it’s poisonous. The commercials which try to convince you to buy their product are something that by the time screws up your head without your knowledge.

Coming back to the situation which took place, I didn’t take all that seriously and forgot about it. The only thing was that everyone around talked often about this. We, as the students dreamed about closing schools. And then one day in March before the first class, in school, someone from my class informed everyone present that there is the first person confirmed with COVID-19 in Poland. Later I watched some news on the internet to see does it come to Krakow and I saw a few confirmations around the borders.

A few days later my aunt was about to come to visit us. It was Tuesday and the next day on Wednesday I decided to skip school as there was nothing very obligatory like Math and to spend this time with my lovely aunt. That day I saw the photos showing how to wash hands in each restroom and restaurants where we went. The same evening I got to know that all the schools were closed. I missed the big speech from our principal about the new orders and taking care of ourselves.

As the borders between countries were closing and the jobs were getting hard to get, my aunt was obligated to stay with us for the next month. The school was brought home. My sisters had daily video meetings and I just had to study, study, and do homework. Besides all the bad organizations we were happy to stay home. All around started to wear masks and everyone was very serious and scared about the pandemic. The next two months I went out only two times and each time without a mask. Not because I was scared but because I didn’t have any need to leave my warm family fire.

I saw more and more people stopping to believe in all the pandemic as it stretched insanely. I read articles and watched movies telling about the trolling of the news where they showed us the same hospital telling us that those are different places in Europe where the virus takes a lot of lives.
Now in July people don’t seem to take it seriously and wear masks only in transportation and some shops.

“It looks like the virus doesn’t feel like it anymore”

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