Indian Visa in Bangladesh

Indian Visa in Bangladesh

That’s it friends.

I have recently described in detail how to complete the visa application correctly and what the Indian visa procedure requires.

We did all the necessary activities. One of the applications we corrected twice, using the computer at the Visa Center for the second time thanks to the courtesy of the clerk who was selling the coffee.

Submission of applications

Ultimately, we submitted all six applications correctly completed. Our clerk in window number 1 accepted our set of documents and then informed us in the following words about the policy of the consulate:

“You will now pay visa fees, which will not be refunded in the case of refused visa, and secondly you will not receive any information as to why the visa has not been granted.”

It sounded scary, but what was to be done – we wanted to go to India. So we paid 900$ and left with the bills.

Date of receipt

On the bills, we had a date of 3 October from 1 to 4 pm. The clerk also told us that an SMS might come to the Bangladesh number we provided in the forms and then we had to appear the next business day (weekend in Bangladesh is Friday-Saturday) in the hours specified on the receipt. Otherwise, we have to be present on the given date 3/10.

SMS did not come, so we went to Jamuna Future Parkat on the 3rd of October. We sat on a bench and waited for a window call. While we were waiting, we filled out our personal data on a list. We did not wait long. The official called us only to say that we have to come next week because the passports are not ready yet.

So we went back to our hotel, where we unpacked our backpacks ready for travel. We had to wait for the text message now.

Another date of receipt

It came on Sunday 7th. So at noon the next day, we marched from our hotel to the bus heading for Jamuna Future Park. At the Visa Center, we sat down politely on the chairs waiting for the call.

We did not wait long. In the meantime, we filled the list as before.

Asked to the window, the woman there checked the passports and gave them to us, telling nothing. We signed the receipt of passports and impatiently looked through the pages in search of new visas. “Ah, you can not find your visa stickers. Please, sit down and look. ”

So we sat down on the chairs and looked through all the passports one by one. Finally, after checking them a few times, we approached the clerk and she said “No visas? I can not do anything.”. We, being stunned, asked, “So… we didn’t get the visa?”. “No” was the answer.

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