Journey: Puri to Dhaka

Journey: Puri to Dhaka

22 September

So finally after 2 weeks of travel, we are home again. Bangladesh with its culture and people welcomed us. The religion in Bangladesh is Islam which is an interesting new experience for us. People are different and surroundment is too.


So 8th of September we packed and went by train from Puri to Howrah, which is attached to Kolkata and where the train station is located. There we found a hotel near the Deputy High Commission of Bangladesh. Made applications and photos, deposited, waited 2 days and took our passports with fresh Bangladesh visas. As I said, at all we have been there for a week.


15th September we packed again and left for the border to the city called Petrapol and then Benapol on the other side of the border. We took a train from Sealdah to Bongaon and then Rikshaw to the border. There we had spent 1 hour and after crossing, another one. For all the checking and asking. In Bangladesh we changed the money for more colorful one. And then took a bus to Khulna which took us the rest of the day. In turn, we reached Khulna in the evening and had no time to look around and find something suiting for us.


As we do best to prepare before journey mom found a hotel on the internet which looked good. So first telling rikshaw man to go there. It turned out to be this quiet luxurious place. Not much but a little. It had been long since we stayed in those. There we got 2 middle rooms with plasma for 1600 taka (Bangladesh money)… and breakfast too. At all, it felt like we were there 4 or 5 days, but we stayed there only for 3 days, 2 full. After the tiring evening, the next day, we got to know something which made us go to Dhaka, the capital, which we wanted to avoid a big city is not for us.

18th September we packed, again, all those plastic bags with clothes, jewelry, some cosmetics, school things and more I have to squeeze again and again into a bag. After that from 12 pm, we had a whole day, till 7 pm, to kill. Literally, we had to kill time. After doing so we went onto a bus and headed to Dhaka. In the morning we had some new fun and then we got to the big, hot capital.


We found a hotel with a room which we are staying in now. As I heard and read the process of getting Indian visa n Bangladesh is hard. Mom doesn’t believe that. So we read the websites, again and again, made the applications which I had made for the first time – I could make a guide of how to fill and do all the paperwork for a visa – and wait for an appointment. I think it’s useless as it’s written to show up with applications up to 10 days from filling and submitting them.

Now we just sit, write watch movies on an old TV and explore the outside world of an Islam culture.

On the main photo you can see us in Benapole, tired as hell.

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