Kathmandu: Garden Of Dreams

Kathmandu: Garden Of Dreams

A peaceful place where you can rest from noisy streets of big city.

Open from 9 am to 10 am whole week.

Tridevi Sadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Mobile Number: +977 1-4425340

Waiting for our Indian visas, we decided to catch up on Kathmandu’s tourist offers while finding a nice place where we could let our feet rest.

We were most tempted by the Garden of Dreams, because of its central location. Repeatedly wandering through the city for our visa matters we passed this facility and we have never been there before.

About The Garden:

Garden of Dreams is a neoclassical garden known for a long time as the Garden of the Six Seasons. It was created by Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana in the early twenties of the XX century. Soon after, it was recognized as the most well-designed and sophisticated garden of its time. Kishore Narshingh, the leading architect who designed and constructed Singh Durbar in 1907, designed and oversaw the creation of the Garden of Dreams. Within the walls of the Garden, Kaiser Sumsher has created a magnificent ensemble of pavilions, fountains, decorative garden furniture, and European inspirations such as verandas, pergolas, balustrades, urns, and birdhouses. He has raised six impressive pavilions, each dedicated to one of the six seasons of Nepal. These pavilions have defined the architectural framework of the Garden and gave the arrangement of flowers, bushes, and trees a cosmopolitan accent. At present, however, there is only half of the original garden, spread over an area of ​​6,895 square meters.

We spent there about two hours walking around, lying on the grass, and running after the local squirrels.
Many people come here to rest, meet, study, or drink a cup of coffee.

Sometimes in the Garden of Dreams there are classical music concerts or other cultural programs.
In addition to the above attractions, the Garden also includes a sun-drenched cafeteria and the Dwarikas’ Himalaya Shangrila Village Resort, offering Nepali and Continental dishes.

Price: For the children and students with ID Card 50% Discount which means 100Rs. And for adults 200Rs.

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