Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal.

It’s a big city and I have been only in the centre and north of the city.

The place in the centre is called Thamel, it’s mostly touristic place and everyone knows where is it. There are many shops with hand made cloths and organic cloths. Many restaurants with all kinds of testes mainly I know one called Chinese Restaurant. It’s really great and testy. You can eat in Chinese way with sticks. Some dishes are served with fire so when they put it on table you have your own stove.

Once I tried to find a duck and I found it but it wasn’t how I expected, – full and from oven – it was cutted into many pieces with bones and it was spicy. After we asked to make it no spicy they changed it in no time. It was testy but I still had the spicy test in my mouth. The duck costed 5,000Rs.

There are also many attractions like Kathmandu Fun Park which we visited, Water Park or Garden of Dreams where you can rest from polluted and loud streets of big city.

In the north of the city there is Bus station and Kopan Monastery with few Buddist Schools.

When I came first time to Kathmandu my first thought was that it was very polluted, it was very hard to breath without a mask or any kind of material to  protect your nose and mouth. The second time we visited I had no such experiences.


Kathmandu Fun Park

Garden Of Dreams

Places to eat:

Chinese Restaurant

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