Khulna and Indian Visa Center

Khulna and Indian Visa Center

Can you make an Indian visa in Khulna, Bangladesh?

While traveling from the borders of India to Bangladesh we went by bus to Khulna paying 150 Taka (1.77$) for one place.

To Khulna

We arrived on the 15th in the evening, and our aim was Jalico Hotel. We paid for a rickshaw 100 Taka but he didn’t know where the hotel is so we wondered a little bit and when we got to the place he asked for more. We agreed to 100 and that’s all. It was getting darker and we just wanted to get a room.

At hotel

We managed to get 2 rooms with plasma and Wi-Fi. Dad went to the small one and we went to the bigger one. It was a good hotel with clean and fresh rooms and an included breakfast as it turned out. It was written on our small night table. So after arriving we took a good shower and switched on the TV. We wandered from Cartoon Network to movie channels like HBO. Mom and dad took a walk around the location and brought some potato and chicken covered in bread which was tasty at first but made dad a bad feeling.


The next morning mom woke up everybody for breakfast which was served from 7:30 to 9:30. As our rooms were on the 4th floor we went by lift to the 7th floor where was the restaurant. We asked for breakfast and we sat. After 3 minutes we got 5 plates, as we went without dad, with one fried egg, 2 toasts, jam, and banana. Tea was attached. It all was tasty, maybe without jam which was orange, super sweet, and chemical. When we finished breakfast we went down and watched TV.

Bangladesh by itself is different with it’s different for us culture and people. That first day my mom asked me to buy something which was in the shop on the other side of the street. While going there I had felt different. I’m talking about the Islamic religion. Man has some kind of respect even when I walked and a man bumped into me he instead of just passing by he stopped and waited until I pass. And women seemed more friendly. When I got to the shop where mom was previously the women there immediately said ‘I’m Muslim’ and there started to teach ‘Thank You’ in Bangla. which is just a little different than in Hindi ‘Dunnabat’.

Visa center

Our aim was to find an Indian Visa center in Khulna. So we went with dad there on foot. And as we got there a woman on the second floor asked something in Hindi with the words ‘Bangladesh passports’ in it. I slowly said Indian visa, Russian passport and she said ‘No’. So it turned out that the Indian Visa center in Khulna is only for locals. We had to go to Dhaka the capital which is smoggy and noisy.

In the evening we got ourselves 2 tandoori chickens, 300 Taka each. Everyone ate as much as they could and went resting. We decided to stay one more day to just rest. The next day went all on television.

18th we packed and headed to Dhaka by bus.

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