Kids entertainment while traveling

Kids entertainment while traveling

While traveling in a train for 3 days or staying in a rented house for 5 months, we, and specially children need some entertainment.

Besides books, mobile games and videos, we make games. It, of course, depends if you are currently traveling or staying. In the first case there is a smaller diapason. The easiest are word games like ‘make a word on last letter’ or ‘associations’. We keep cards with us too. But if you really have nothing to do or simply are bored there is always an option to enjoy the view from out of the window.

For the second case it is quite easy I assume. Books, coloring, dolls, teddy bears, playing outside and all that. Our girls have their own entertainments. Each with her own. But after a dinner all do the same; run, scream and jump.

Our sisiters

When girls play with dolls, in our case more like teddy bears, Katia is first to make a house or a dress for them. Whenever she has time she makes restaurants of cartons. Mom specially brings them for Katia’s request. Our 8 year old girl always has a project to realize.

Nadia is the most creative. Few days ago we had a lot of paper and then suddenly I see that there is no left. It turned out that Nadia somehow in just 2-3 days used it all without my knowledge – more than 100 sheets. That’s what happens when I skip few days of making school for them… Anyway, she isn’t much of a talker so, I didn’t get the information where it all went but it was probably used for all the drawings and cutouts of a 6 year old.

Ania on the other hand is the most live one. She sings, dance, plays – one word ‘star’. Yet besides all this she is our youngest and she is still like a baby.


Beside drawings and many other usual cutouts I have made with the help of sisters a board game. When I was a child I got as a birthday gift a business board game where you use money. So this time I thought, why not. And we made one; 4 pieces of paper, glue, more paper, some colors and creativity. It’s easy to fold and all the made money with quest cards have their own, made of paper, pockets.

You don’t always keep a dice with yourself. Beside 6 pieces of paper, each with number, where you have to draw one, Katia got an idea for another type of ‘dice’. She had drawn a circle and used 6 beads by trowing them into the circle. How many stay inside that’s your dice number. I personally don’t appreciate this idea as someone experienced would know how to trow them in opposite to a new player.

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