Lemongrass: to mosquito and cold say ‘No!’

Lemongrass: to mosquito and cold say ‘No!’

Lemongrass, gingergrass or palmarosa – ‘Cymbopogon martini’

Known in India as ganjan or gavti cha, is a species of grasses. It grows wild in wetlands of rural areas of India, Nepal, China and neighboring countries.

In Ayurveda known as Rohisha – is a component of many ayurvedic prescriptions and is used in traditions of natural healing. The Chinese usually use the root of this herb, while in India lemongrass is used as fresh or dried blades of grasses.

Lemon grass oil is used in cosmetics, especially for getting rid of acne. The following ingredients should be well mixed and massaged into skin areas twice a day.

Lemongrass oil3 drops
Sunflower oil1 tea spoon
Wheat germ oilfew drops

Note – lemongrass oil is often confused with cedarwood oil or with turpentine which can cause unpredictable results.

Fresh herbs are also used in cosmetics – blades of grass added to a hot bath have the power to relieve muscle and bone pains and reduce fatigue, this method is commonly used to quickly cool and refresh the body.

To sanitize wounds and speed up healing, a mixture with a ganjana is brewed.

The plant is used in Indian cuisine in the preparation of curries and meat dishes, mostly due to its special properties that improve digestion when consuming fatty foods.

Herbal drink – lemongrass tea – made from this kind of grass relieves sore throats, improves your state while feeling cold or flu. As a tasty refreshing drink, it is popular among children. It also has properties that improve digestion.

Lemongrass4 blades
Ginger2x2x2cm peace
Fenugreek1/4 tsp
Indian cumin1/4 tsp
Holy basil/Basil6 leafs
Jaggery/Honey2 tbsp/ as needed
  1. Washed ganjan grass – be careful not to cut yourself with sharp blades – and peeled ginger, cut, and bring to a boil with 1 liter of water and the spices.
  2. Reduce the heat and cook for about 15 minutes.

The drink should have a golden, light-green color.

During the cooking, you can forget about the – annoying neighbors – mosquitoes – the aroma of ganjana that will chase the insects.

Drink it every day and … forget about the colds!

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