Ma-am one photo please!

Ma-am one photo please!

Whoever tried to visit anyplace with children in Asia knows that it is not hop and go.

Actually, being politically correct, you should deal with posing for pictures, setting up children and maintaining relationships. With blond babies, and sometimes even without them, you become the main tourist attraction, even if there are over a thousand years old walls carved with the contents of Kamasutra.

If at least once you agree to joint photos of children with yours or a selfie with your person, immediately there will be more willing, who will not fail to take advantage of this opportunity. It is also common – and very much – to press our own children to make friends with our … Indians, for unknown reasons, love to see their children with our blond-toddlers. It is not absolutely essential that little Anand does not show interest in a friend or simply has such acquaintances in the nose.

Of course, the urge to grasp other people’s children is equally unbearable. With Hindu women we have no problems and cuddly or pics with them is like normal. We tell the masters to stay away from our daughters. We have told girls long time ago – still in Poland – that any of your friends or strangers are going to hug, stroke, embrace or sit on their knees, they can immediately bend on their paws or kick if necessary.

While we like to integrate ourselves with locals on the Indian Peninsula, talk, drink local drinks, communicate with Hindi remains or other local language, we have NO to molest our kids.

The strongest and ruthlessly honored weapon turned out to be my “Only women”. At first, gentlemen are sheep lambs and sometimes it even happens that they perceive it as a personal insult. The more clueless, they immediately withdraw their hands and express their appreciation for such a position. Those less understanding also express appreciation even a little later. “Only women” means that only women have the right to touch your children … we have daughters, so it is clear to us. As with the boys – decide for yourself. The additional “Keep distance” is firmly stated to clarify the matter, even if you are still smiling sweetly.

The country in which the man is the supreme authority in the family is well received by the fact that a husband is standing behind you, even if he is sitting at home. All you need is the word “Sriman” and everyone understands that you are protected. After a long stay in this country, we may not always want to take an unexpected selfie with ourselves as a star. “Mero sriman not happy” works always.

We sometimes make exceptions, of course … for some. I especially remember the old lady who came to Puri from deep Orissa on Ratha Yatra and her son so begged that she could have a selfie with an eight-year-old blonde. What luck – aliens in Orissa, or something like that.

It’s good to know that in India rich gold jewelry, wedding rings on each other’s leg and necklace called mangasutra, as well as several other attributes – depending on the region of the country – are signs of marriage. So if you do not have them, it may mean to outsiders that you are able to take. This in turn means that you can be sexually harassed, because – according to popular opinion – a woman does not have the will as much as a man, and her most likely goal is to have a relationship … obviously not necessarily married. This in turn may mean – depending on your way of life, life, consciousness and the character of your outfit – that you will be directly interested in meeting in private.

This explains why it is easier to travel in this country in traditional women’s clothing. If you can not deal with sari check punjabi also called salwar kamez – long pants plus a long shirt plus a shawl that local women used to cover their head, seeing the camera lens. A substitute is traveling through India, even a shawl imposed on your back – under it you can have a shirt on straps, if the heat is unbearable for you – and long pants or a skirt.

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