Mahabharata: Story of body and matter

Mahabharata: Story of body and matter

The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India.

Here is one of the stories telling about the true view of the human body.

‘There was once an extremely beautiful young woman, everybody fell in love with her, as soon they saw her. One king, in particular, wanted her very badly and he was hypnotized by her beauty. The young woman was a very advanced spiritual person and she knew, that this kind of love has no base and she told this king, that he shall visit her in four weeks time. And if he will be still in love with her, she will marry him. So, the king was very happy and excited and he could hardly wait for the time to see her again.

Finally, the day came and he went to see her. When he knocked at her door, an old woman, very skinny and wrinkled opened the door. So, he asked if the lady is at home and the woman said to the king: “Don’t you recognize me?” The king was looking and looking and shocked he realized, that this old woman was the beautiful lady he met before. She brought a big bag and told him: “Look in this bag, there is my beauty.” The bag was full of vomit and stool because she was fasting and emptying her body every possible way.’

The End

Our friend shared with us this story when she was telling about her view on the human being.

Here is her story of life

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