Maya’s 17th birthday

Maya’s 17th birthday

23rd July I had my 17th birthday.

I actually kind of forgot about it, I mean to write about it. Now I understand, I woudn’t say adult but, grownups in not being so excited about a birthday. I was happy but not so excited as the previous years. Its just another year; cake, more food, playing with sisters, new things. That’s it.

The shopping

22nd I went with dad to check, beside festival, shops with cakes and clothes. We didn’t find anything desired. And so the next day we went for hunting. We checked many bakeries but it turned out to be pointless as all, beside the first we checked, had small chocolate cake for 300 Rs. The first one and the closest one, about 1 km from us, sold for 250 Rs. The we headed to the beach as the prices and chose is much better. We checked many shops with cloths but many had the same designs, and only little o original. I would say that in 25 shops there were, for me, only 4 good things. And only 2 turned out to be fine to buy. I aimed for upper clothes. Long shirt with cuts on sides. They call it, here in Orissa, Kurthi and I call it Penjabi as I lerned from the other parts of India.

After buying and finally finding desired dresses I told my father that I would like pizza. Maybe for some it isn’t a big deal, but I ate my last pizza more that a year ago and I like it. Besides we think, me too, which doesn’t change my liking for it, that it is waste of money. As pizza is just a piece of dough with some ketchup, cheese and addings. We could easily make one at home (we did in Poland, many years ago), if we had the needed cooking equipment, of course. But anyway I was exited for one and had already searched for pizzerias few days ago. I just took out my phone and navigated my dad to the Domino Pizzeria, the only one in the area. But before that we had to go buy some alchohol and because it was festival time the shop was closed. So we went back to the pizzeria, I ordered 2 non-veg pizzas and we waited for 15 minutes. When they were ready we got them in a set with 4 small satchets of oregano and chilli flaces. While driving doward bakery I had burned my head in the bag where I smelled the fresh bread. As I said we took a cake for 250 Rs and went home. Dad wasn’t happy that the shop was closed.


At home we got surprised by girls in dresses and handmade caps. They were still handcrafting when we came. It was 2 pm, then. I had put aside the big bag with our (my) treasure, giggling and smiling that there are all those but kept at secret what was inside. I washed feet, changed into dress, organized everything for cake, as it was melting, and called everyone. As by our tradition (not really but we do it every year), we sticked candles, took a lot of time to fire all of them, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in Polish, thought about a wish and had blow the candles which was hard as those Indian candles were ‘magic’ as not easy to extinguish. The cake turned out to be delicious. I had put on some music. Then I served pizza. We ate, and then danced. I looked in youtube for more songs to download and at that time parents felt asleep. Girls were just playing or running around.  The evening came fast and I had put on some new cartoon which we hadn’t see before. At 9:30 pm I had thought about dinner we planned to eat in a local place. As mom was sleeping and didn’t want to go anywhere I just woke up dad and we went to the local to buy parcel food, meaning takeaway. We took little of everything which turned out to be a lot. At home we ate what we could and food was left for the next day. After dinner we played with dices a game called ‘Thousand’.  Then we watched a Hindi movie and that is it.

Maya’s 17th birthday

Maya’s 17th birthday

Maya – 9 years old in the ballet staging Pirates of the Caribbean

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