Metlang, Pokhara – Guest House

Metlang, Pokhara – Guest House

For the change we decided to move on the hill…

The place is called Metlang,

it’s on one of the hills next to Sarankot. Just above the Pheva Lake which makes a really great view. On one side we can see surrounding us city and on opposite side we can see an amazing view of one of the highest mountains in the world.
The life in Methlang is quiet and far from town climat. The road is almost impossible to cross on a simple scooter which makes the village really great place to relax and enjoy simple country life. For a change there are also some interesting phenomena. For example, here we have a story about a leopard, which has four small cubs… Sometimes we can hear him at night, on the roof, but we have never managed to see him.

We had found nice and quiet house with 2 levels for 15,000 RS. The owner of the house doesn’t live there so we don’t see him often. Next to our house lives a family with 2 children which makes a perfect company to my sisters.

We had small problem with internet. Our neighbor had wifi but we didn’t use it, instead we bought our own. But it didn’t work either. Maybe it was because of storm which makes unstable current. Finally we just bought Data pack on sim card using modem. Each few days we have to drive down to the city to buy food and internet.

But it’s worth it.

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