My first ‘price labeling’

My first ‘price labeling’

As I turned 18 my doors to get a job were open. All dough there was still the case of sanepid card which are the tests that confirm your health and your ableness to deal with food. Having not yet done these tests means limited choice in choosing work.

I thought to try with something like a seller in one of the small shops nearby. They don’t give much but I don’t care about money that much as for experience. But as I said before, everywhere where I would have any contact with food I need the sanepid card. Additionally, in the time when I wanted to find some short term job the place to make the card was closed so there was no way. However, my experienced mom found some work named – after translation – ‘price labeling’. From 1am to 1pm, 18 zlotys gross.

As a student from 1 august, thanks to some new law I don’t pay taxes. which means I get the whole amount of money with taxes. So thinking that 18 zlotys for an hour is a good price I filled out the online form and went for one day or rather a night, together with mom.

It turned out to be an easy job. We worked in Zara Home in a big Hipermarket, there were only three people slowly doing their work. We got scanners and small printers. We had to scan a price and the printer gave us the sticker with a discounted price. If there was 0% then we weren’t supposed to put a sticker. So while doing the work we just talked and laughed with mom. Soon after it turned out that there is a problem with scanners as the batteries are out of power. We had to use one set for both of us. It wasn’t so hard. Time went by very fast and the shop opened. We couldn’t talk so much and from time to time some customers asked us about the articles or their price. For the first one, we had to nicely redirect them to the administration and the second type of question was the case of scanning a price. There was one more girl that came to work as we did but only at 5 am. Soon at about 11 am my sisters came with my father. They greeted us and went for lunch. When we finished, we all went home.

Thinking that 12 hours were so easy we asked for more. It turned out that they had a job like this every Monday and Friday at 6 am but only for 2 hours. We managed to come only once and it took 3 hours.

9th next month we got 2 emails confirming payments. Despite confirming both, I received only one payment and not all as I calculated. I still hope that the rest will come next month. It’s a case of about 50zlotys.

Later we found another job for about 22-23zlotys, so I don’t think we will come back to this one.

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