Nepali sweets

Nepali sweets

In the date of 14 April from the morning we could see everywhere in the shops many colorful sweets. 

Chay-shops (local tea shops) turned into a confectionerys on this occasion, and the air was full of unearthly aroma of caramel and Nepalese spices.

So for the reason of New Year feasted by Nepali people 3 days we arranged some interview and some relishing in our area confectionerys. This is a brief report of traditional Nepalese delicacies. They proved to be mainly the tradition of the Nevari caste, as well as the New Year festival celebrated in April based on the Nepali calendar Bikram Sambat.


Laddu is a small ball and in translation it means so too. It is made of any flour like semolina, cheakpeas, wheat or a mix of those. It is often used as a religious prasad.

Lal Mohan/Gulab Jamun

Those are small fried dumplings made of solid milk and next soaked in sweet syrup. Very delicate and sweet.


This biscuit is made of flour, sugar and butter. Perfect with tea.


Very, very, very sweet. A dough of flour and yogurt deep fried and soaked in sweet syrup.


Sweet, part of maida flour and part of rice flour. Sometimes crunchy, sometimes hard but a heaven for your mouth.


Peda or Pera – name depends on the region. It is made of condensed milk and sugar.


Brittle barfi can be made of khoya (condensed milk), flour, grounded cashew nuts, grounded coconut and other flavorings. Each peace melts in your mouth. Very often covered with varakh which is edible silver or gold sheet.


It is a home made chenna (paneer) soaked in sweet syrup.

Gundhpak/Gud Paak

A cakes made of flour, gundh which means edible gum, brown sugar, flavorings and nuts. It is quit like a gum sticking in your mouth.

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