Gallery – Orissa: In the village

Gallery – Orissa: In the village

Orissa, otherwise Odisha is unexpectedly a bit different piece of India … though like the same.

So we are sitting in a land where Jagannath exists.

We got to a seaside hotel, where the eternal sound of waves soothes all children to sleep. In search of a larger apartment for our six, we made a trip to the countryside in the Orissa village. Along the way, we had seen some interesting things, like a bridge on stilts or a party in the village.

Small Jagannath Temple by the road

Small Jagannath Temple by the road

Small Jagannath Temple by the road

By the lake

Village center

Coconut park

Temple by the road

by the lake

Village center

By the river


The end of the road – drying the grain

An alternative path has proved us to the village of Uttarasarpada, where the dedication of the temple under the banyan took place


Women in Uttarasarpada

Uttarasarpada – tabla and a pipe

Uttarasarpada – one of Krishna’s forms, a painting on the wall of the house




Between coconut palms

On the way back

Jackfruit – very tasty and aromatic fruit, would be enough for our six for dinner

Bridge on stilts

… and we on it …

Under the banyan near the main road

A shelter at a cobra under a banyan

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