Our backpacks routine

Our backpacks routine

We are traveling and what we carry with us is our house and equipment. For me all that we pack is usual but I am curious; do other travelers have similar or different equipments.

Here the time comes, in few days, we will leave Nepal so the packing comes, with it also a big cleaning, segregating, choosing etc. So here I write about our backpack packing.

Before packing, we clean everything; make big laundry, sew up everything that needs so etc. Then we decide what to take,what to trow away, give to someone or simply leave in aranged place. When everything is ready, we pack up.

Father’s backpack

He has the biggest one.

He carries 2 laptops, all the computer calbes and chargers. Few other electronics and his clothes, but he has just really few.

Mom’s backpack

She has a tall, 35l, bag.

She carries all children’s and her clothes. Few other clothes and few blankets fastened on top.

My backpack

Of course I keep clothes. Then go books, usually we don’t have but this time we had few. With it are notebooks and pouches with paper. There is also a bag with all school things like colors, glue, ruler, etc. Some time ago we bought a small laptop for me and I keep it in a back of a bag between books and small desks covered with a small blanket. Further is jewelery, all the beauty and medicine in a bag and few other small things that will fit. I also have a flut.

Up in a front pocket I get some small, handy book, a mobile recharger and few other small things that fit. Down in a front pocket I have polish for nails in a small plastic bag, same with perfumes. But those are really small. I also have there cards and small pouch with dices. In front of this pocket is another pocket where I usually keep some small things like small sachet of coffee or some spices that mom gave me. Then sides are for water bottles and on top I put blankets.

Some time ago I discovered that my bag has a secret pocket… – and I have this bag already for 2 years. It is below hided behind a zeeper, but no more. It is really big. I could put there a medium bag full of clothes. But it looks like a place for some tent or rain coats or something like that, that is handy and water proof as it is the bottom of a bag.

Katia’s backpack

It’s a medium bag with only one pocket. We keep there cups – we have six metal – and forks with spoons that we have with us. We also have 2 drums, small and big one (12cm and 24cm) tall). Sometimes we play on them. Some food, like spices or anything like that goes there too. Some of their toys and small things.

Nadia’s backpack

She has small, pink, with many pockets. We put there their toys and teddy bears or dolls.

Ania’s backpack

Nothing to say, really. We have this big, pink, soft teddy bear that sits in this bag with acompany of other small things.

Some tips for travelers

  • it is a really great idea to mix salt with pepper – when we eat cucumber we use it and it’s great
  • do not seat on your backpack if there is something electronic or valuable – if not then go ahead
  • always have a blanket, it’s really handy
  • scarfs are also really handy, I’m wearing one as in Indian style, and I can cover myself with it or wipe dirt of sisters face, etc.
  • keep tissue paper with you – cleanness is the enemy of traveler
  • it’s handy to have a spoon or fork always in a bag, same with cup

Don’t forget about the food that we prepare before leaving; sandwiches, eggs or some tomato with cucumber. We have this big, I would say gigantic, like a bag, plastic bag where we keep all the food. After few hours of travel, when it all finishes we just pack the bag.

Don’t be surprised when you see a family of six with small children carrying backpacks, walking the street towards the new destination.

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