Our mother’s birthday

Our mother’s birthday

Today, 15th February 2018, is my mothers birthday.

Our planning and gifts

We (me and Katia (my biggest sister)), planned to make some surprises for her, like gifts and morning taking care. While we reminded ourselves of her birthday only 10th February when I talked with Katia and then said something about Katia’s birthday and in that moment I remembered that our mom has birthday quite close. We started to think what can we make for her, it took us quite long to think of something good. And then Katia thought of embroidering. But we didn’t know what, we looked for clothes good for that purpose. I thought of buying any T-shirt and putting on it, our designs but then I remembered that my pants are braking. We started to think of what can we design and nothing came. Then I thought of making, stitching some cloth for her, something like a waistcoat. Making of structure and actually making the idea of it wasn’t easy and then one evening while getting to sleep the thought came to make a cap-scarf in one. And then I started to think of how to make it and then I took one of our caps and on its design, I made the structure of it and then measured it and stitched.

On 15th it was ready, only the cap, and I gave it to my mother in the morning as a gift. She wore it proudly. Katia made for her a bracelet made of our beads. I told my mom the story of making it and the unfinished scarf. She immediately wanted to help we and we will finish it together.

2 days before, Katia and dad thought of lampions and yesterday we bought everything needed and tried to make one. We needed/bought:

  • bamboo sticks (very small and thin, light)
  • super glue
  • paper (thin one like butter paper or parchment)
  • metal wire (very thin)
  • candles
  • tape

Father designed the structure and we made one. Until evening it was ready but as it happened, it was too heavy, as we think, to fly. But now we know how we can make it. You need big fire or light structure and it must be big. We found on the internet, how one family just used; 30 liters plastic bag, straws, tape and birthday candles and it worked. It was so light that candles were enough to make it fly but our structure had many things in it, glued to make one, so the candles, even bigger one, were not enough.

The day itself

We (Katia and me) woke up in the morning around 7:30. We wanted to make breakfast and buy everything as our mom does every morning but she woke up as she knew that we did. So Katia bought milk and after we took money from mom and went to buy some delicates. It took us maybe 15 minutes or more, we came back with some sweet and salty pastries, bought in shops, and some sweets. Before going, mom told us not to buy anything with no sense. But we bought a little of everything and she loved this kind of breakfast. We ate and then the day went as usual.

Only in the evening mom bought some chicken, momo (kind of dumplings) and sekuwa (grilled buff). We made to it some chinese pasta (instant pasta). And of course, there had to be some alcohol. We put music and ate the dinner. After we went to do our works in computers and then just went to sleep ending a day as always.

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