Recipe for a laphing – Tibetan snack

Recipe for a laphing – Tibetan snack

A jelly-like Tibetan snack eaten with sauces and spices.

I have written more about this snack and what it is here.

Recipe for 6-8 people:

Laphing - sauce

potato or mung-bean starch1 cup
water5 cups

Laphing sauce

minced garlic7 cloves
green onion1 piece
coriander1/4 cup
salt1 teaspoon
rice vinegar1 teaspoon
sesame oil1/4 cup
soy sauce1/4 cup
crushed dried chili2 spoon


  • The laphing needs time to set. Usually it is done overnight.

Preparation of laphing:

  1. Mix the starch and water together until you get an even texture.
  2. Heat the mixture on stove, stirring frequently until the mixture is so thick you can barely stir it. If the mixture is boiling before it thickens, turn down the heat until it stops boiling. When done the texture will be very thick, almost like jello, but it still needs to set.
  3. Transfer the cooked mixture into a clean bowl and let it sit overnight at a room temperature. In order to shorten the time for cooling, it can also be placed in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
  4. After the laphing has set, remove it from the bowl. It should stand up by itself, like a very firm jello.

Preparation of sauce:

  1. Mince garlic, chop onion and cilantro
  2. Mix garlic, onion and cilantro with salt, rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, and crushed dried red pepper in a small bowl and stir well.

Now when everything is ready just cut long strips of laping into a bowl and cover with sauce.

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