Sita Subedi: one-legged dancer

Sita Subedi: one-legged dancer

Katthak is one of the classic Indian dance styles, also practiced in Nepal.

“Now I present a well-known katthak dancer from Nepal, whose special feature is to overcome her imperfections on the way to fulfill her life dream.

The katthak style is characterized by very quick leg movements at certain times. Sita has one leg and is very good at it in this particular art.

Kathak is a story told by dancing and facial expressions, usually based on episodes taken from the sacred books of the Vedas.

From an early age, I was passionate about dancing, but I couldn’t deal with it to the extent that I wanted to, because my parents put my education first. I recently graduated with honors from the Bachelor of Music Arts in Padma Kanya Campus Bagbazar in Kathmandu and a Masters in Nepalese Literature.

Now I am a classical katthak dancer in my third year in Kalanidhi Indira Sangeet Mahavidyalaya under the supervision of my teachers Ravi Rana Magar and Srijana Rajbahak.

When I was 12 I got cancer and during the medical procedure eighteen years ago one leg was cut off. It was a very bad stage in my life, I felt hopeless and had no faith in the coming of the good. But when I finished the treatment, I felt that life gives me new opportunities, new paths, and a new vision. I realized that I could do what interests me in life. If we are positive, we will get more great opportunities. This is why we should always have confidence in our lives and create “positive vibes”.

Three times the doctors diagnosed me with imminent death, but each time I took my life into my own hands. So in the end I reached for my biggest dream.

I am a one-legged dancer of traditional katthak dance from the wonderful country of Nepal. I feel very happy doing this now. This great opportunity that has been given to me carries a great responsibility. However, I reiterate that where there is willingness, there will be a way. However, you must be adamant in the pursuit of your dreams. It requires great determination to continue with your work. My path is the art of dance.

I dance not only because I love it. The money I earn from my performances is dedicated to providing education for privileged children, which has always been my desire as well. However, this is just the beginning, I need a lot of support, helpful hands, and people willing to cooperate.

Sita Subedi
from beautiful Nepal”

Sita Subedi – Speech and Dance

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