Spagetti bolonese

Spagetti bolonese

Mom and the cooking

Everyday my mom cooks. Mostly she makes dall bhat which is rice with legume sos. Sometimes, also aloo dum, potato curry. She is a busy woman. Beside housework and cooking she writes and makes movies for our Polish website. And its her favorite occupation. Sometimes she wants some more time for her artistic expressions, so she buys a ready meal. Chowmin – noodles mixed with vegetables and sometimes meat – or momo – dumplings with vegetables or meat. The dish can be bought in any local shop for a small price. But we don’t like to eat everyday the same so she comes to me to announce my next-day dinner. I like to cook and experiment but it happens that by my preferences it must contain meat.

The recipe

So she came to me and said “Tomorrow you cook. What should I buy?”. As I thought about that I remembered that in childhood I loved spagetti bolognese and that I have never made one. So we agreed. I looked for recipes and in each I found steered tomato or tomato from can. Here we don’t use such ingredients. We have raw tomato. And spices too. Oregano or basil are rare here. I had to make by my own innovation.

Meat costs

We also looked for prises of minced meat. In supermarket we got price of 360Rs for 500gr of pork. When full chicken costs around 320Rs for kg. Because of that fact my mom made a research in our neighbouring meat shop. It turned out that he sells 300gr of pork for 110Rs.

Recipe for 5 servings:

minced meat300 gram
tomato15 pieces
onion4 pieces
carrot4 pieces
garlic4 middle pieces
pepper2 teaspoon
chili powder1/2 teaspoon
saltto taste
chiveas desired
ketchup3 spoon


  • We don’t have a gas stove. Only one electric pot so you can make noddles earlier, while frying tomato.
  • I also added a little of ketchup as replacement for steered tomato.


  1. Cut onion, garic and tomato into small pieces. Carrot grate on grater.
  2. Fry garlic then add carrot. When it will be almost golden, add onion.
  3. When onion becomes golden, set aside. Put on pan little of oil and then add minced meat. Stir it so it doesn’t stick together. I fried for 10 minutes so it was nicely done.
  4. Also set aside. Now put tomato and fry on little oil with a cover. It should steam little bit.
  5. When the juice will be out and tomato soft add the rest of sos into a pan. Mix and add spices.
  6. Now add cup of water, mix and let it boil, stirring from time to time.
  7. When the consistency will be thick, set aside and boil noodles.

Serve with chive.

Buon Appetito!

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