Sukuti – dried meat from Nepal: Cost and recipe

Sukuti – dried meat from Nepal: Cost and recipe

What is the price for sukuti (dried meat) from Nepal?

We bought sukuti in a local shop, the usual price is 1500Rs for kg.

Of course, we bought not one kg but few small pieces. The whole family loved it and ate the all day.

It is very tasty. A small piece can be eaten for a very long which is recommended to extract all the taste from it. Sometimes instead of meat, you can get vain. It is tasty too but a little bit hard and needs more time to soften.

If you don’t want to buy one you can make one.

Here is Masala for marinating about 1 kg of meat before drying:

Meat Masala4 spoon
Mustard Oil4 spoon
Red fresh chillies4 pieces
Garlic1 head
Fresh Ginger25 g
Lemon Juice2 spoon
Curcuma1 spoon
Honey1 spoon
Cane Molasses3 spoon
Timmur (Sichuan Pepper)1 tea spoon
Grated Nutmeg1 tea spoon
Saltto taste

How to make:

  1. Garlic and ginger mash or finely chop.
  2. Mix all spices in a blender to a smooth paste.
  3. Cut the meat across the muscle fibers into a 1 cm thick strip and 5 cm wide. Rub the marinade and leave in a cool place for an hour. After this time the meat is ready for drying.
  4. Drying takes place in the sun or above a fire. Usually, meat is ready after two or three days.

Dried meat strips should be stored in a large closed jar, away from direct sunlight.

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