Paneer – Chenna Food 

Paneer – Chenna

Paneer is the most popular type of cheese in India, all are enjoying it, locals and visitors. In addition to its delicate taste, paneer has one more great advantage – it is great for cooking. Whatever you want to do with it, you will succeed, the cheese holds its shape well and fits perfectly with different flavors. After my cooking, I... Read More
Vidanga and other miracles of Ayurveda Food Interesting facts 

Vidanga and other miracles of Ayurveda

In India, where parasites are common, it is good to remember that people with weaker digestive systems are more susceptible to parasitic infections. It is not difficult to get an infection, and the conditions for development are important for the parasite. Intestinal parasites excellently develop on undigested food. Ultimately, the host suffers from weakening and degeneration. That’s why Ayurveda uses hot... Read More
Tulsi – holy basil Culture Food Health Interesting facts 

Tulsi – holy basil

Tulsi contains strong antioxidants, has antibacterial, antiviral, antidiabetic, antimalarial, antiallergic, adaptogenic, and immune properties, and also gives the beverage a refreshing but delicate taste. The plant shows great variation depending on the type of soil, rainfall, and the place where it grows. The growing environment affects the size of the herb, its strength, and medical efficiency. Tulasi has a sweet-sharp... Read More
Breath-hold Championship Health 

Breath-hold Championship

 Yoga – the good old method of psycho-physical Indian culture. And if all the physical culture as though it is clear – you need as far as possible to train and keep the body in good shape. With the exercise of the psyche, it is not so obvious and clear. And here in yoga for many thousands of years, it... Read More
Translate Sanskrit into Russian Interesting facts 

Translate Sanskrit into Russian

Here are the words from Sanskrit from India 4 thousand years old. Now understand who are the founders of the written language, Slavs or Indians. But of course everything is much easier than it might seem. Slavs, are like arias not a nationality, but the designation of the territory on which the first highly developed form of the human language arose that later... Read More