Lemongrass: to mosquito and cold say ‘No!’ Food Health Interesting facts 

Lemongrass: to mosquito and cold say ‘No!’

Lemongrass, gingergrass or palmarosa – ‘Cymbopogon martini’ Known in India as ganjan or gavti cha, is a species of grasses. It grows wild in wetlands of rural areas of India, Nepal, China and neighboring countries. In Ayurveda known as Rohisha – is a component of many ayurvedic prescriptions and is used in traditions of natural healing. The Chinese usually use the... Read More
Goa – our experience with fish Food 

Goa – our experience with fish

While staying at Goa, we have tried many kinds of fishes, and the best of them that has been our favorite is bangra (pangra) – mackerel. It doesn’t need scraping, only large ones have some scales on the head and tail. It has tolerable bones – it is easy to get rid of them. It does only require cleansing of the viscera... Read More
Kathmandu: Garden Of Dreams Interesting places 

Kathmandu: Garden Of Dreams

A peaceful place where you can rest from noisy streets of big city. Open from 9 am to 10 am whole week. Tridevi Sadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal Mobile Number: +977 1-4425340 Waiting for our Indian visas, we decided to catch up on Kathmandu’s tourist offers while finding a nice place where we could let our feet rest. We were most tempted... Read More