Puri: Dog and Duck Lodge Hotels, Guest House 

Puri: Dog and Duck Lodge

A small family guest house located on the coastal Chakra Tirtha Road. Dog and Duck is actually located in the center of indigenous Puri residents engaged in fishing. From the roof terrace of the hotel you can listen to the sound of waves or watch the life of local people. Orissa’s culture is extremely rich in specific events like festivals... Read More
Puri: Swan Regale Hotels, Guest House 

Puri: Swan Regale

We moved some time ago to the Swan Regal estate. Now we live in a multi-family block as in a big housing estate. The fact that we are in India, however, causes several important differences in the landscape. I am thinking especially of the habits of Indian residents supported in this fragrant concrete modernity of the place. Bonfires on the estate... Read More
Little about Orissa Interesting places 

Little about Orissa

This place is called Jagannath Puri, or Puri, the land of Jagannatha Essentially, in our tightly defined categories that most often include only the “four major world religions” or simply “our world” and “exoticism” one could conclude that Hinduism prevails in this land as well as in the rest of India. This, however, is a very flattening subject, I would... Read More