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Kathmandu, Stupa Bauddhanath: history and legend

The Boudhanath stupa is located about 7 km northeast of Thamel – Kathmandu city center, near the ancient trade route leading from Tibet. The stupa is 44 meters high, the stupa dome is about 7 meters in diameter. The area of the stupa is approximately 6,756 square meters. Bauddhanath is one of the largest and most significant Buddhist objects in... Read More
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Translate Sanskrit into Russian

Here are the words from Sanskrit from India 4 thousand years old. Now understand who are the founders of the written language, Slavs or Indians. But of course everything is much easier than it might seem. Slavs, are like arias not a nationality, but the designation of the territory on which the first highly developed form of the human language arose that later... Read More