Nepal: Limbu caste Culture Interesting facts Nepal 

Nepal: Limbu caste

Limbu, are the second most numerous tribe of the people called Kiranti. Their caste makes 1.6% of population in Nepal. The Limbu tribe was about 380,000 big in the early 21st century. The Limbu are of Mongolian roots and speak a language belonging to the Himalayan group of Tibeto-Burman languages. It has its own alphabet (the Kirat-Sirijonga script), believed to have been invented in the... Read More
2145 – Year of the Earth Dog: Tibetan calendar Culture Interesting facts Nepal 

2145 – Year of the Earth Dog: Tibetan calendar

The tradition of the Losar festival dates back to prehistoric pre-Buddhist times in Tibet. When Tibetans traditionally practiced the Bon shamanic tradition, a festival was organized every winter in which people offered innumerable incense to local spirits and deities. This tradition has remained until today as the annual New Year’s Buddhist festival. Tibetan calendar – according to which the Buddhist... Read More