Tamil photos and portraits

Tamil photos and portraits

Few of our last photos from the world of eternal summer…


Sleeping… who? Temple at the crossroad in Kuilappalayam


Kuilapalayam, beach road Pondicherry – Chennai


Beautiful architecture of a temple in Alankuppam


Tea shop by the beach road to Chennai


Drinking coconut on request


Girl from our village


…and her brother


Brahma with a company


Drawing of kolam with the ocean in the background


Woman from Kuilappalayam – on the road to Auroville


Selling carpets on a cart


Seller of chickens, while chatting


Kumari from Kuilappalayam


…and her mom


Road supervision by the beach road


Boy from the coast village


Vaanakam means ‘Good Morning’ – mother with daughter


Inside of Brahmin house


The granddaughter of family of Brahmin


Acquiring valuable dung to decorate the house for Pongal


Making of kolam


Working  on kolam


Happy Pongal!


While washing teeth you can welcome Lakshmi and neighbors


Making of kolam, together


Pongalo pongal! – cooking of rice for puja


Pongal from the cat’s perspective


Greengrocer filled with sugarcane for Pongal


…and the shopkeeper’s family is cooking breakfast


Young Tamil girl


Our neighbor from the opposite


Takkali (tomato) ten Rs – KG


Toilets at the city market in Pondicherry


A girl on a bus station in Pondicherry


A resident of Auroville, rather not Tamil

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