Thali – Rice with whole set of sauces

Thali – Rice with whole set of sauces

Thali means a plate with rice and a set of sauces that traditionally has to offer all five flavors.

The word ‘thali’ means a plate in Hindi and Nepali. The dish under this name is offered throughout northern India and Nepal. Restaurants compete in the quantity – and of course, sometimes and in quality – of the sauces offered in the set. Traditionally, there should be six bowls with six flavors: sweet, spicy, salty, bitter, sour, and tart. Of course, the dish is modified depending on the season and the popularity of the flavors. The offer can be veg or non-veg.

The non-veg dish in the Nepali version must include at least what I presented in the picture; successively from the left side:

  • daal
  • saag
  • chicken curry (in the above picture I replaced it with chicken livers with onion and black pepper)
  • sabji curry (sabji means vegetables in nepali)
  • rice

The common additions are, not shown here:

  • dahi – curd, similar in taste to yogurt
  • papad, roti or chapati – fried pancakes more or less crunchy
  • a sweet chutney – a sauce made of carrot or coconut milk

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