Winter in Krakow

Winter in Krakow

This winter was weird.

It snowed well at the beginning of December and then in January. Afterward, it was only some sporadic snowfall. But we managed to take advantage and went outside into the cold a few times to make a snowman and to sled.

Furthermore, there were many other snowmen all over the area. We made one big and girls made few smaller ones. We decorated it traditionally with a carrot, pieces of coals, and branches. After the snow started melting we finished it with our Christmas tree – with its baubles – sticking it into the head.

Moreover, we tried to build a square igloo, but we managed to construct only 4 levels before it started to melt, as some days were too cold for building or too hot, so it vanished. If we made it smaller we might have finished it but we overestimated our abilities.

Also, we enjoyed sliding from a small height beside our friends’ house.

Summarizing the winter went well, all because it was a gentle one as well as the 2 previous ones after we came back from hot India.

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