President worships with ‘Panchamrit Snan’ at Pashupatinath temple

President worships with ‘Panchamrit Snan’ at Pashupatinath temple

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has attended worship with ‘Panchamrit Snan’ rituals at Pashupatinath and Basuki temples today. This is the second time President Bhandari attended the worship after her election to the high post.

The President had a receipt made by paying Rs 5,100 as special worship fee at Pashupatinath temple on Monday; Monday is considered the day of Lord Shiva, the Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) stated. She circumambulated the main temple as per the Pashupati Darshan procedure and had the Acting Mul Bhatta (the acting chief priest) Ramkaranta Bhatta, perform the worship.

‘Panchamrit Snan’ is a unique ritual performed by Hindus, in which idols of deities are bathed with the mixture of five ingredients — milk, yoghurt, honey, ghee and sugar. Food items are also offered in the ritual.

PADT Executive Director Ramesh Kumar Upreti was quoted in Rastriya Samachar Samiti as saying that after offering the worship at the temple, the President visited the PADT office and took stock of the project of national pride run at the Pashupati area, the post-quake reconstruction and related activities.

In conversation with the PADT officials on the occasion, President Bhandari urged them to make the Pashupati area systematised and to plant trees with religious significance at the vacant spaces in the area, describing the Pashupati area as the centre of faith for the followers of the Vedic Sanatana faith.

On the occasion, Member Secretary of PADT Dr Pradip Dhakal briefed the President about the works being carried out in the Pashupati area.

Prior to this, the President had performed a special worship at Pashupatinath and Basuki temples after she was elected the President for the first time. At that time she had announced that she would offer her salary of the first month to Pashupatinath.

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