Province 2 announces eight additional public holidays

Province 2 announces eight additional public holidays

The government in Province 2 has announced eight public holidays in addition to the number of holidays fixed by the federal government.

Holidays have been announced on various festivals and occasions that are celebrated in the Province that comprises eight Tarai districts from Saptari in the east to Parsa in west.

The provincial government has decided to give public holidays on Janaki Navami, Janai Purnima, Bibaha Panchami and Ramnavami festivals.

Similarly, it has decided to observe Magh 5 as the Madhesh Movement Memorial Day every year, according to Under-Secretary at the Administration Division under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law.

As per the government decision here, the Province people will get two public holidays each on the occasion of the Chhath festival and Phagu Purnima (Holi).

Likewise, they will also get a holiday on the birth anniversary of Paigambar Hajrat Muhammed Sallahu Walaihe Wasam (Rabi al-awall) that is celebrated by the Muslim community.

The announcement made around two weeks ago is yet to be published by the Department of Printing, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (federal government) as the province government does not have its own printing department.

The Ministry said that any law or decision would come into force after its publication by the Department. It has been over a week that the Ministry forwarded the decision to the center.

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