From Gaya to Nepal

From Gaya to Nepal

4th of March, Saturday

The date of the end of our visa was coming up so we finally headed to Nepal.

We got ready and by 11:30 we were in riksha going to the bus station. I was little angry on my friends because they didn’t say goodbye busy with their work. But we did say goodbye to the owners of house and to our young friends.

So on a bus station we had to wait for a half hour because they were washing the bus and getting ready. We had time to drink some tea. Our bus was ready 12.30. So we took our things and went to our bus.

There we spend 15 hours. For me this was very quick because most of the time I was sleeping or listening to the music. So actually I just looked at the mobile each few hours. In the opposite side it was very long journey. In the beginning I didn’t feel well. After only few hours I got used to the shaking of the bus. There were few stops where we bought some food. Finally in the morning we got to know that we reached The Place.

It was Still Dark. We found a bus going to the borders. We were the first sitting In the bus so we got the opportunity to sit in front, next to the driver. It was amazing to see the way and the road.

There was one situation when there were crows on the road. And the driver had to make noise to scary them off. And then I thought why there were birds on the road. And I saw something horrifying. There was a dead dog on the road. It happened two Times.

So after 1 hour we got to the Nepali borders. There we found the office where they putted stamp on our visas. Which had made them unimportant. We crossed the border it was a big bridge. I have never seen anything like this. There on other side we bought our new visas for 3 months. Each one costs 100$. After that someone told us that there is one beautiful place called Dharan. So we listened and found an bus to Dharan. It took 3 hours to reach. And when we did we had to find an hotel, it wasn’t easy. But by the evening we found a place to stay for few days.

I didn’t see much of the city but I hope I will.

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