Kathmandu: Ratna Park

Kathmandu: Ratna Park

Ratna Park is one of the oldest park in Kathmandu. It is situated in central Kathmandu, Nepal. It is not far from the tourist center, Tamel. It is situated between Rani Pokhari – holy reservoir – and Tudikhel – big area used mainly for organization of Nepal Army events.

The name of the park comes after the Queen Ratna, the second queen of King Mahendra. Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) also named it as Sankhadhar park.

It’s a clean and nice place to rest. There is a playground for children, a pond and a lot of place to seat. The park was actually meant for children but we can see people of all ages there. There is also a free WiFi there but not good enough for any browsing as there is a lot people using it. The entry costs 25 Rs and for foreignes 70 Rs. The entry to elderly, children and differently-abled people is free

Our story

Before we left Kathmandu we had a visit to this place. It was nice and calm. At that time we encountered some rehearses to some clip or maybe movie. There was a camera and many nicely dressed girls. In front of them stood a couple. They switched on music and started dancing. All the time something disrupted the movements. Was it because a hand of a dancer hooked to the saree of his parter or they did a wrong move. But after many and many again and again they finished this one and started getting ready for other shoot. But because they started moving everyone and we couldn’t see anything we went away.

What to do

People come there to rest or meet with friends. As the park is ment for children you can find them swinging and sliding. Students and couples can be found there too. Beside all kinds of activitoes, idle, resting people can be found too.

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