Winter in Krakow Our stories Poland 

Winter in Krakow

This winter was weird. It snowed well at the beginning of December and then in January. Afterward, it was only some sporadic snowfall. But we managed to take advantage and went outside into the cold a few times to make a snowman and to sled. Furthermore, there were many other snowmen all over the area. We made one big and... Read More
Hijra – the third gender in India Bangladesh Culture India Interesting facts 

Hijra – the third gender in India

Hijra is one of the castes in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, which includes representatives of the “third sex”: a community of transgender people, bisexuals, homosexuals, and eunuchs. They dress and behave like women, call themselves a female name. The number of Hijra varies according to different estimates from 50 thousand to 5 million. But traveling in India and meeting men... Read More