Pancakes with chocolate sauce

Pancakes with chocolate sauce

One day while I was tasked with making dinner, I thought of what to do. Mom told me to, again, make noodles which I made the day before. And I said ‘No, it must be something new’. As I’m a specialist at noodles I mostly do them. But this time I thought to make something I wanted but mom was against. Pancaces! And of course it needed some sauce and because we had lot of cocoa powder left I did chocolate sauce.

A recipe for 3 servings.


egg1 piece
flour2 spoon
water1 cup

Chocolate sauce

cocoa powder3 spoon
sugar1 spoon
ghee/butter50 gram
water1 cup


  • It’s important to mix with water the cocoa, otherways it will be like a jelly with water.
  • The dough must be just little thick. The thicker, the harder.
  • You can add, to dough, the baking powder but when I added it didn’t go well.

Preparation of Pancakes

  1. In a bowl mix everything well.
  2. On a dry pan (best is very flat) place the dough. Can be any size. I make many small.
  3. After a minute of frying on small-medium flame turn on the other side.
  4. And 1 more minute and ready.

Preparation of chocolate sauce

  1. To the small pot put water and boil.
  2. Add cocoa powder and mix well, keeping on fire.
  3. After a minute add ghee or butter and mix.
  4. Add sugar, mix and boil.

Serve together any way you like. I ate them with sisters by pouring chocolate on top of many or by dumping pancakes inside a pot.

Bon Apetit!

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