Masala dosa – Indian breakfast Food recipes 

Masala dosa – Indian breakfast

Masala dosa with chutney. To make dough for idli and dosa, Indians use a special type of rice called idli rice. Basically, the dough for both dishes, mentioned above, is the same, the difference is only in density – dough for dosa should be slightly thiner. Living in India, you can – instead of exploring the secrets of the culinary... Read More
Kolam – Rangoli Culture Interesting facts 

Kolam – Rangoli

 Kolam is most known in south India, Nepal, and few other Asian countries. While walking through the village streets of Tamil Nadu, it is hard not to see the drawings on the ground. They are made of rice flour, chalk powder, rock powder or colored powders. The making of such a kolams is widely practiced by women of South India. In... Read More
From Chennai to Auroville Travel 

From Chennai to Auroville

After arriving in Chennai, – 22nd, by train from Goa –  first things first, we went to check trains to Pondicherry and we got information that the train is only at 6 pm, it goes from other station that is near and the ticket can be bought only 3 hours before departure. As it was around 1 pm we still had... Read More
Pongal – harvest festival Culture Interesting facts 

Pongal – harvest festival

Pongal is celebrated in south India mostly in Tamil Nadu. The word Pongal itself means “boiling over” or “spilling over” (of milk and rice) in Tamil, signifying abundance and prosperity. Pongal is usually held from January 13–16 in the Gregorian calendar i.e. from the last day of the Tamil month Maargazhi to the third day of Thai. It is festival that brings respite to the... Read More
From Goa to Tamil Nadu Travel 

From Goa to Tamil Nadu

Finally came time to say goodbye to sunny Goa and its beaches. We still had 1 and a half month till our visa finishes but we wanted to travel and do not depend on time. Ticket to Chennai (Chennai Express) 21st December we had a train from Margao to Chennai, in Sleeper class, of course. It wasn’t easy to gain... Read More