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Winter in Krakow

This winter was weird. It snowed well at the beginning of December and then in January. Afterward, it was only some sporadic snowfall. But we managed to take advantage and went outside into the cold a few times to make a snowman and to sled. Furthermore, there were many other snowmen all over the area. We made one big and…


How Coronavirus came to our life

What is Coronavirus? It came to us like thunder from the sky. I don’t exactly remember but it was somewhere in January when I woke up early in the morning, getting ready for school, when my dad, who is familiar with all the surrounding news, informed me about the new virus spreading in China. We didn’t take it seriously nor…


My first ‘price labeling’

As I turned 18 my doors to get a job were open. All dough there was still the case of sanepid card which are the tests that confirm your health and your ableness to deal with food. Having not yet done these tests means limited choice in choosing work. I thought to try with something like a seller in one…


Santiniketan: Visit to Amar Kutir

One day we wanted to see what is behind our house. There was a park with very unique trees.  Called Shorea robusta. It grows only in area from Myanmar in the east to Nepal, India and Bangladesh. For me, park made of this trees looked strange and weird. When you come into a forest like that you can start to feel like an ant. So small….


Master your self

Today we have got quiet an interesting idea… To master our selves. To do this we chose 3 kinds of habits and had made 1 day in a week for each of them: Day of being satisfied – ‘With our thoughts and posture we build our world’. That’s why we should keep our minds happy no matter how bad we…


Auroville: Sadhana Forest

1st of May 2015, Friday Sadhana Forest is a part of Auroville which is an ecological experiment. Everyone wakes up early in the morning. Who doesn’t feel cold at 6am, takes a shower in an ecological system, saving water. Morning gymnastics for sleepy youth and then we are getting divided into groups. One group takes care of the forest, plants…


Journey to the east, Tamil Nadu

30th April 2015, Thursday The time has come to choose the region of India, where we want to spend the rest of our remaining six-month visa… and maybe more…. The choice fell on Auroville, an international city founded by Mother – The Mother – along with Sri Aurobindo. We wondered for some time and we thought it might be something for us….


Shantiniketan: Breath taking adventure

One day I went with my mom to see Deer Park. What a surprise was when it turned out to be not a Deer Park but a Park with some birds only. Our journey started early in the morning. We agreed to go out at 6-7am. But because it is almost impossible for me to wake up so early I…

Colva, taste of the exotic

Colva, the taste of the exotic

22nd of April 2015, Wednesday When we got bored with the big city we took the bus and went to the town called Margao. Between 4.00pm and 7.00pm, we were still passing Mumbai streets. The Sleeper Class in our bus offered us some comfort all night and at 8.00 in the morning we reached Goa state. Twenty minutes by rickshaw…

Our first impression when we saw India the exotic country.

Coming back home

28th of February 2015, Saturday So, we reached Mumbai on the 26 of February early in the morning. The big surprise was that we could take off the warm clothes we were wearing… sitting in the airport we were still wearing our coats because we couldn’t believe in our happiness… We sited on the plane 25th of February – Katia’s…

Long preparation for a journey to India

Long Preparation

20th of February 2015, Friday The decision was made just before Christmas. We have no business here… this is a time for something that has long been waiting for: the realization of our plans from 15 years ago! In principle, the decision of flight – according to plan – was almost equal to 2 months. So the minimum that is…

Journey to West Bengal, India

Journey to West Bengal

Just Before Yesterday, we had arrived at a small town called Santiniketan. It took us 2 days to get there. 4th January 11am we left our Guest House in Bodh Gaya and we went to Gaya train station. Our train to Bardhaman was supposed to arrive at 9pm. Before it, we decided to eat something and take a little rest….

How we extend visa in Nepal and how much it costs.


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