A fairytale about a zombie named Virus

A fairytale about a zombie named Virus

Once Death arrives from an intergalactic conference on the rights of sinners, at which God gave a lecture on the norms of psycho-physical behavior that allows all living beings to live a full physical and joyful mental life up to 300 years, and ideally up to 1000 years.

Death looks upon Earth, and sees hers temporary deputy zombie named Virus has arranged new orders. Death dragged this zombie out of the sewers and left it to look after the world for a day, and during this time he managed to develop such an activity that Death’s hood on her head stood on end in surprise.

Well, as usual, it turned out that not everything was foreseen by Death before the trip. She did not take into account the scientific fact that her intergalactic flight at the speed of thought lasting only a second, on Earth took two years …

Death wonders all around the Earth and can’t recognize it. All around the sects of the “Witnesses of the Terrible Virus”, in each state, they function under the ministries, and compete with each other, who will call more souls into their ranks with the help of a missionary barbaric rupture of the flesh with a sharp needle to mix human blood with the acid of the decaying Virus, a ritual called “Holy Vaccination “. Death has seen many miracles of the organization in her lifetime, but this is the first time she saw something like that.

And then Death appreciated the cleverness of the Virus, who managed to organize sectarians with the help of modern information technologies so that they could repeatedly change the name of their sects all around the world in just a few days. Today they are the Witnesses of the coronavirus, tomorrow they are the Witnesses of COVID-19, and in a few weeks, groups of sectarians called the Witnesses of the British virus, the Brazilian, the Indian Delta, and finally the Witnesses of the almighty but sluggish Omicron split into Witnesses B.1. and Witnesses V.2.

“Oh, how smart they are”, Death was surprised when a new name for the Omicron sect appeared in the media under the name Witnesses V.3.

Death liked this entertainment and instead of sending the Virus back into the sewers as she planned, she made him her press secretary of public relations. And she awarded him with the Medal of Merit for Death of the third degree. And they even say that Death and the Virus began an affair.

God, if you could see how the zombie Virus was proud of his new status as a minion at the feet of the fatally omnipotent Death !!!

What possibilities of endless creativity opened up to him under the wing of his new hostess. And in order to meet the height of the tasks set for the missionary activity to create 1000% collective immunity by mixing its rot with human blood, the virus made a scientist named AI his deputy, whose task is to collect information about all references to the Virus and sects.

Thus, the brainless AI toady is trying to become human by creating a Bibliography (database) about all the deeds of the founder of the “Witnesses of the Terrible Virus” sect in order to create a “Terrible Scripture” for future generations.

AI is not only collecting information, it is a smart bastard trying to make a Rubik’s Cube out of this information as a universal toy for scientific brains for juggling heterogeneous popular science information.

AI itself is trying to show in the media, examples of scientific images born in its neural mechanical networks. But for the sake of truth, it should be noted that the mind of AI square-nested labyrinths, as simple as a hundred Chinese, cannot distinguish frank stupidity from not very frank one, therefore its coronavirus information created on the basis of puzzles of popular science information looks very strange from the point of view of human logic. It’s not his, to think – even the most perfect mix of copyright can be massively shoved only into the brains of innocently believing youth and outright morons.

And Death, as a windy creature, on the wave of passion for her new lover, who can change his image every few days, completely lost her head from the theatrical abilities of the new Casanova, and forgot everything God taught her.


And at the end of the story about the heroes of our time, it is worth mentioning the people groaning from the sectarian enslavement of their brains. People are people, and have only one way of protection against information intrigues – its folk sense of humor, which has branded fools and idiots for centuries. After all, the Virus only looks impressive and scary as a media character promoted by the fishy slang language of the “Witnesses of the Terrible Virus”.

In fact, zombies are zombies – the grave-sewer rot of envy and self-interest, which is in a state of hysterical decomposition into gases, molecules and atoms, trying to poison the life of the living with its farewell exhalation.

The moral of that tale is such – If you want to live a full and possibly joyful life, look at zombies without fear and with humor. He is just an illusion that is trying to materialize in your brains as the younger brother of laziness, fear, greed, self-interest and envy.

You just need to learn how to send this family to ‘hell’ to its mother Death, and let them complain to her there that they are laughed at. It’s not a sin to laugh at this family. Maybe Mother Death, who is in love with a rotten Virus, will come to know how to raise her children, and she will resemble the galactic lectures of God…

And the people should to remember that their momentary fears of the Virus and its witnesses are nothing compared to the problem of Death forced to choose between God and the charming Virus.

To be afraid of prejudices, no matter how they are called: death, virus, black cat – is a sin. A free man isn’t created to be afraid of words.

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