Cancer – fear sickness from keeping the emotions inside

Cancer – fear sickness from keeping the emotions inside

What is cancer and where does it come from?

You might think that cancer comes from eating certain things or drinking, that it is a strictly chemical-biological process. Well, you are right, but there is much more behind it than you might think.

‘Experienced physicians say, that there is some relationship between the nature of emotions of a man and his illnesses. This very certain interrelation is well developed in various medical techniques in the regions of Asia. Let’s select Chinese and Tibetan medicine as the most philosophically integral. Modern China, after several decades of translating the official course towards Western medicine, began to officially support its own, which worked for several millennia.

And it’s not a matter of what kind of medicine is better, but how much the profit of medicine becomes an obstacle to the health of the nation. Earlier in oriental medicine, one could not even quote the price for treatment and each one gave as much as he estimated his life, illness, and possibilities. And this was for real. It should be so. And when not only global manufacturers launching mass of advertising campaigns for hundreds of thousands of dollars make money for the health of people, and then these costs are invested in the cost of drugs, but also the doctors themselves who receive interest from the prescriptions written out, this is a crime against humanity, which is being increasingly spoken about more and more forgot about the essence of human relationships.

As for cancer, it is closely related to the modern Western lifestyle, when to have debts, is normal. A fear of creditors and the loss of collateral (usually housing), makes a man a scared mouse. But we are not mice and our ancestors did not know what fear and violence were before the introduction of slavery. And so, we survived. From the screens of TV every day, terrible events are pouring into our ears and frightening us with nuclear war, terrorism, crime. And then they try to fog-blunt the senses of our body with some chemistry from which the hair falls out and the body dies.

Often, people with cancer are totally lonely, people burdened with responsibility and debts, as well as those who suffer from a very common phobia – fear of manifestation of emotions. But where do we get so much fear?

Fear always existed, but when its level begins to exceed a thousand times the norm, then it is already a mass epidemic. And let the scientists justify the modern political and economic system as much as they want, but it is precisely this that causes the spread of total control over the life of citizens. It is because of this that insecurity and fear take root in the minds of men. Cancer, AIDS, like syphilis, is a disease caused by social perversions.

Do you know what percentage of ill with cancer is among monks? 0%.


Do you know the cure for cancer and fear?

Good mood and positive thinking.

Do you know what kind of cancer prevention is best? Total sincerity and honesty. And for those who are not accustomed to normal morality, there will be a confession or a pouring out of the soul to the psychoanalyst. And on a regular basis. But it is better to go for a football match and there regularly cheer-yell for your favorite team. In fact, such a splash of emotion is even better than a confession to the priest or psychoanalyst. After all, one must confess to pure unlimited consciousness, a holy man, and not indifferent to interested egoism. You can open your soul in the family, but we are not taught this in our lives. We can not even have friends in the present.

Here is the main cause of cancer, and not overcooked pancakes and salted vodka as we are trying to steam helpless scientists.

Even in ancient times, it was noticed that Shamans BON are not ill during epidemics of infectious diseases. And in the Middle Ages Christian saints – pure and not knowing the throws of a frightened consciousness, people were repulsed for a different infection. It was also noticed that the devotees of the fan-scientists, too, fought for the lives of people without harm to themselves. There was a case when one venerable politician of the times Gandhi, who was a master of yoga, was bitten by a rabid dog. And while he was at rest, everything was in order, and as soon as he joined the political activities, a few days later he died of an infection of rabies. That’s how mental stress acts on our body.

Personally, I have not been at a doctor’s appointment since 1994 and do not take medicine. And my children know who such a doctor is only from TV. That’s why I try to teach children emotional emancipation and simple and clear perception of the world. Well, from time to time, it’s not a sin. Moreover, the development of creative abilities and the ability to enter images, this concept is synonymous. More indulge and learn how to play like children. Then no crayfish will be scary to you.’

Written by: Eduard Volkov

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