Sweet and cooling dessert

Sweet and cooling dessert

While in India I have discovered a great dessert…

First time when we came to Goa I thought of making a mix of cream, banana and sugar. It was delicious but the second time we came to Goa I already knew something like curd which I love to eat with jaggery (sugarcane product, used instead of sugar). I made curd with banana and jaggery, after a while it becamme not satisfying so I started to add anything sweet I had in the kitchen.

And here is my recipe for my favorite dessert (for a bowl):

Curd450gr - 1 big pocket or 3 small
Jaggery2 spoon
Honey1-2 spoon
Peanut Butter1 spoon
Nuts1 spoon
Fruitsas you wish


Curd: One bowl which is 450gr. This one is my favorite one. There are 2 other kinds of curd (in Goa). One is very sour and other very creamy but this is between those two.

Jaggery: It is made of sugarcane. I use it instead of sugar, it’s more healthy and have an interesting taste. It is not like sugar so you need much more of it to sweet up the dessert.
Add around 2 spoon. Mix it with little bit of curd not more as it can be hard to mix. If you want you can leave some pieces without mixing, when it comes on tongue it gives a really good taste.

Peanut Butter: It gives an interesting nut taste. There are 2 kinds, crunchy and creamy. I prefer crunchy but if you add nuts it tastes the same.
Add 1 flat spoon and mix it in the beginning with curd and jaggery.

Honey: I have learned that if you put some honey than you don’t have to put that much jaggery.
Put around 1 spoon. Add it in the end so you will not make the dessert too much sweet.

Nuts: If you want something harder to get on your tongue then you should add nuts. You can use any kind but the most available one here are peanuts. I add around 1 spoon. You have to cut them.


You can add any you want. Here I will write about few I know well.

Apples: One of my favorite fruits but quiet expensive here in India. Half of one apple should be enough. When it gets into dessert it becomes soft and delicate. I like to peel it and cut into cubes.

Watermelon: I love this fruit. 1 slice of quarter piece should be enough. If you want to add watermelon don’t make the dessert too sweet as the fruit will taste watery and not sweet.

Pomegranate: It is almost like nuts but sweet. Half of it is enough. It is testy and comes up same as nuts. It’s like small bombs of sugar which comes and sweets up the spoon.

Mango: It is the most tropical fruit of all. It gives sour/sweet tropical taste. It is great with sweet curd. You should cut it into small pieces.

Lime: You can add some lime too but only if you have not added mango or watermelon as it will brake its taste.

Here is how to make it ready:

  1. Mix cutted jaggery and 1 flat spoon of Peanut butter in little bit of curd.
  2. Cut fruits and nuts. Then mix everything and add the rest of curd.
  3. Add honey, 1 or 2 spoon depends on how sweet you want it to be.
  4. Mix.

And it’s ready.
Bon Appetit!

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