Ideotism, Idealism or Idiothism?

Ideotism, Idealism or Idiothism?

Everyone knows that there is capitalism, socialism, communism, feudalism, protestantism. do you know how many words there are with the end of ISM? We can roughly list and this is still not a complete list:

deism, theism, trism. shiism, humeism, atheism, autism, babism, vedism, verism, iodism, iodism, cynicism, comicism, cubism, lyrism, rayonism, magic, manizm, maoism, machism, monism, munism, mutism, nanism, nazism, nudism, nudism, orphism, papism, purism, racism, rusism, sadism, sophism, sufism, tashism, typism, thomism, torism, truism, truism, tourism, fascism, fauvism, phonism, photism, chemism, holism, tsarism, cynicism, judaism, acmeism, alogism, animism, arabism, archaism, atavism, atomism, aphorism, baptism, burchism, bahaism, bramism, bromism, buddhism, burchism, leadership, gandhism, harvism, geroism, gaullism, grecianism, dadaism, taoism, dandyism, dualism, imagism, hinduism, judaism, copyism, cosmism, kuchkism, lamaism, lobbyism, marrism, morphism, nervism nordism, oenism, parsism, pianism, pietism, psychism , putschism, pshutism, realism, royalism, russism, sabeism, sapphism, sexism, sikhism, zionism, sunnism, tropism, turkism, utopism, factism, fideism, fixism, fordism, chthonism, chartism, shaktism, shaivism, euphism , egotism, eretism, eroticism, etatism, asianism, ascosmism, activism, allelism, amorphism, anarchism, aneurysm , anarchism, argotism, asceticism, astaticism, asterism, athleticism, atticism, babuvizm, bakunizm, blanquism, botulism, brokism, everydayism, vaginism, virilism, vitalism, vishnuism, vocalism, galicism, hashism, hebraism, hegelism, hedonism, heterism, glaucism , humanism, demonism, jainism, dynamism, dichroism, druidism, idealism, idiocy, jehovism, hieratism, illirism, islamism, historicism, kasteism, kvietism, kemalism, kinetism, laconism, latinism, lathirism, legalism, leninism, logicism, mazdeism , masochism, mandeism, marinism, marxism, melanism, metopism, mechanism, mimetism, mithraism, mobilism, modelism, moralism, muridism, nativism, naturism, nepotism, nihilism, nizarism, nomadism, olympism, optimism, organism, ottomanism, otzovism, paganism, pantheism, pasism, pacifism, polonism, populism, pofigism, prozaism, proteism, ricketism, rigorism, romanism, rotacism, russicism, russoizm, rutinism, satanism, semitism, synapism, shintoism, scoutism, servism, sovism, strabism, tantrism, thematicism, tyrannism, totemism, trotskyism, deviationism, unionism, urbanism, familyism, fanaticism, fatalism, feminism, fetishism, finism, frankism, freudianism, futurism, chasidism, tailism, caesarism, centrism, shamanism chauvinism, ecclesiasticalism, eudemism, eidetism, eidetism, exotism, hellenism, empiricism endemism, ergotism escapism, aestheticism, unionism, jansenism, absurdism, averroism, adventism, academism, actualism, albinism, alpinism, altruism, amoralism, anabolism, anatocism, anglicism, animalism, animism, apolitism, apolitism, apriorism, artistry, arthritism, atanasism, atlantism, ba rannism, gangsterism, barbarism, biology, branism, brutalism, literalism, boulhazmism, vampirism, vandalism, barbarism, wahhabism, verbalism, volcanism, galvanism, gallismism, hamletism, genotism, germanism, hermeticism, gigantism, hylotism, hypnotism, hirsutism, nazism, globalism , darwinism, decembrism, despotism, jadidism, jingoism, dialogism, didactism, dimorphism, dionysism, dogmatism, dramatism, europeanism, jargonism, journalism, jesuitism, imagism, indiasism, ismailism, careerism, cataclysm, communism, kretinism, criticism, cree shamism, lamarckism, linearism, magmatism, magnetism, mazdakism, manicheism, mannerism, martynism, mendelism, mesmerism, metallism, mysticism, modernism, mosaicism, monarchism, monarchism, monotheism, morganism, mormonism, morphinism, mutualism, mutualism, nepotism, narcotism, neologism, neo-nazism, neo-thomism, neo-fascism, neptunism, oeuvism, ossianism, ostracism, ostracism, panlogism, paroxysm, pauperism, pessimism, pirnism, planktonism, plutonism, plutonism, pluralism, polytheism, revanchism, rheumatism, recognism, reformism, romanticism, scientism, salierizm, saturnism, servilism, syllogism, symbolism, symphonism, synergism, synaecism, slavism, solipsism, socialism, spinozism, spiritism, stalinism, sufrahism, schematism, scientism, talmudism, taylorism, terminism, terrorism, technicism, tribalism, taylorism, ukrainism, unanimism, unitarianism, fabianism, feudalism, formalism, fourierism, harijism, chromatism, hurramism, exorcism, eclecticism, economism, ecumenism, elitarism, emotivism, escapeism, jacobinism, absolutism, adventurism, automatism, autonomism, autotourism, acrobatism, alcoholism, allegorism, anabaptism, anamorphism, anachronism, antagonism, antinomism, apatrizism, aplanatism, achromatism, baseodism, fictionalism, bestialism, bilingualism, bipedalism, bolshevism, brahmanism, vulgarism, galvanism, hegemonism, geometrism, geotropism, gnosticism, dialectism, diatropism, donismism, evangelism, zoomorphism, idiomatism, isomorphism, isochronism, immobilism, italism, calvinism,

So many such words. Almost every massive phenomenon, or idea, is given three letters, in the end, to give it impressiveness. But there are a few words in the history of humanity that do not fit into our general theory. These are the words IDEA and Democracy. There is still in our near history a concept that very few people understand in the context of modern sounding is the word, GOD. But let us leave the one God alone with the sons of God, who feel themselves as gods because of the power of the gods over the souls of men, and sometimes because of the ideology of being God’s chosen. Let’s just consider, in the context of our investigation, the myth of Olympic gods. Well, there Zeus is president and a horde of ministers of hunting and so on. We can see what happens when we apply to the words IDEA, DEMOCRACY, and GOD, the general rule of the ISM.

IDEOTISM, GODISM (BOGISM), and DEMONISM will be obtained. Let’s start with an ideotism to understand. There is, in fact, a word of idiotism and it seems to mean a fool in our understanding. And what will the word IDEOTISM mean? And it will demonstrate the foolishness on the idea. After all, somehow we will look stupid because each of us in the modern world is somehow stuck to some idea. And it does not matter what, political, social or personal. The main thing is that someone too cunning changed the letter or left it in the old sound so that no one would guess that he is an idiot – ideot. But the topic was smoothed and called idiots IDEALISTS, focusing on youth and not maturity, without reliance on the globalization of word formation with an offensive to the population stuck to ISM. From IDEA they made the IDEAL and thus sorted out the logic.

That is, in the old day’s people were confused with pictures in the head of the abnormal, and now, it has acquired a massive character. After all, it’s easy to manage and direct the ideos. Moral, political, linguistic, social ideas and ideas of advertising and commercial nature are put to us. And all this is our flock of idols obedient, it is swallowed. So the pastors are religious, political and different try – this is the tuition for modern programs called (school, party, etc.). This has become our reality and pastors themselves do not know the way out of this vicious circle, getting lost in the labyrinths of the Minotaur brains. And they do not seek, they live in it.

That is, now a modern ideote, the meaning goes to the background, the main bouquets correctly to be able to write, and the meanings of the pastors, depending on the conjuncture, will draw. In any case, the authorities are beneficial to keep the herd in a state of idiocy. And if the herd has grown and it is difficult to keep it in check, then it is necessary that it is full, then bad thoughts do not enter your head. And if you can not feed, you need to find the Vinoyans, who block access to the trough. This is a modern sofa ideology called – life between a TV set and a refrigerator, and even earlier – bread and spectacles. Nothing changes in people’s lives, only bouquets-titles.

And then, for a herd that demons used to call because this herd is very easy to instill in the lowly animal instincts of violence, came up with the idea of ​​greatness. That is, demons are, in essence, always fighting for power and greatness in the environment of similar ones. After all, it is difficult to imagine a saint who fights against his own kind for who of them is holier, but demons can be without problems. And then the people came up with the name – DEMOS. Very closely resembles the root of DEMON, but who will be the reason for the letters because of the letters. A herd of ideates has been cultivated for thousands of years and they know how to distinguish bokevi. With meanings, it is more difficult and consequently, all will descend to the original without roots of everyone.

And then someone clever invented the theory of DEMONISM – this is already the beginning of the genealogy of ideological traditions for feeding ideates with new ideas. After all, the old die faster. Now here on TV every six months, the new ibuproms are completely improved and sold without any prescriptions, which means that harm cannot be done, they come up. That’s what the progress of brainwashing has come to. In this scenario, any ISM as a placebo has its own time limit of faith in it. But DEMONISM sounds somehow frankly provocative. And so the MOD changed to CREA-rule and DEMOCRACY turned out. Theoreticians came up with clever words and the power of the people turned out. Yes, and do not care what’s called – it’s just for the letterheads invented, and the rest live as always.

Now let’s look at those Olympic gods who have gone somewhere and for about two millennia have not heard a rumor, judging by history textbooks. If you carefully read bukevi in ​​Wikipedia, then before the gods came up with several more names. They can think out what not to say. It turns out that the philanthropist Philanthrope had previously started using YOUR HOLY GOD with the divine dignity, that is, they began to call the living gods of benefactors in Ancient Greece. Now find philanthropists, the former gods in Wikipedia is not difficult. This is what those who were previously called gods. And now when the information became available, it turned out that 90 people in the world have more than 50% of the profits of all mankind. 90 is not enough, and if you add more than 30 thousand here, then it turns out that 0.0000375% of the world population owns 99% of the material wealth. These are the gods who have not disappeared anywhere, but only they were joined by new God-chosen hereditary families and they have been guiding our sinful land for more than 7,000 years from generation to generation.

And here it would be like to introduce a new term – BOGIZM. But nobody introduces it due to the harmful influence of this term on the brains of modern demons, which demonstrate different ideas-demos, demonstration images, which should show the world order. This same matrix from the movie of the same name, exclaims an enlightened adept like NEO. And we can say that no one is hiding too. It’s just that people do not understand the old language because they are constantly changing the confusing traces of real history. Everyone seems to be living witnesses of what they are doing with history in Ukraine. The reality, auuuu! Yes, pofig reality – it is relative. Goebbels needs more reading. But now Yushchenko with the help of the gods who own all without exaggeration of the media, Dostoevsky and Repin with Tchaikovsky trying to privatize. This is what they call a raider capture.

It’s simple. You need to inspire God’s choice and idea, then lead the herd wherever you want, and better to fight. Hai in the clutches of the forelock crackles, and the gods look at it as a sports tournament, and then in a gentleman’s hand, they press and diverge. And did you know that there were personalities in history who drove out the gods? In modern history, it is Mahatma Gandhi, who has not yet been forgiven by the West. As he did not try the West in the face of empires, to raise the Indians to fight, they obeyed only their wise men, who did not stir up various isms in the minds of their people. And I can assure you that they live independently of the material condition, much happier than most people in the West, eternally immersed in their material problems created by insatiable gods through advertising. And they advertise to us how and what to live, and their own religion to the worship of a piece of paper – demo (n) (passionate) value.

It’s the same with SHAMANISM. There were people who had their own spiritual leaders from time immemorial, who taught, healed, and united their communities. So modern religious shamans demonized people’s life by calling them pagans and creating from the concept of aborigines some absolute primitiveness. The truth is, does that sound like Neanderthals? And how do they themselves on TV shamanat on black in the brains of people? And the newcomers who drove the Indians of the Aborigines and flooded the country with slaves turned out to be progressive slaveholders. Messianism of the gods unleashes the crusades and breaks the historical continuity of entire nations, litter fathers and children telling tales of abundance and beautiful life with vodka and legalized marijuana. And the children are being led as peasants whose land was the main value, they took to the fairy tale.

Zamanukha was called advertising, the idea replaced reality and made of idiots people living in the animal world of negative emotions. And anyone who tries to give people a knowledge of eternal life or the fire of wisdom will be cursed or punished for eternal pains like Prometheus and Sisyphus. Uuuu, against the GODs, have gone! Such gods, after all, have died – this phenomenon now on another is called – oligarchs, these gods not democratic. And only in Russia. In the west, some philanthropists are good and live by the brains of men – these are civilized, Western gods. They are good, and the Russian new gods are bad because they are waving the world over the power of the Western gods.

So famously twist ideas that you look at people and marvel at how much knowledge that is taken? Maybe from TV? You Atlanteans – you are powerful, you hold the balconies of the gods, who broadcast their ideas for idiots. Oh, you do not want to listen? Are not you slaves? Alas, it will not work out anymore – your Atlantic noodles hang from your ears. You are Atlanteans in the Old Greek classification. And you are inspired by your power. And what without mightiness, really it is impossible to give a bastard in the teeth?

But life is simple – live and let’s live for others to the best of their ability. Man – you are the master of the land you walk on. Learn, find real knowledge about yourself and find. Who seeks will always find. We need only remember that ideotism, this disease, is the source of constant suffering.

  1. There is suffering
  2. There is a cause of suffering: desires, anger, selfishness, envy
  3. There is an end to suffering (their total absence in real life)
  4. There is a path leading to the cessation of suffering

Suffering and discontent will cease only when a person begins to receive knowledge about the world, not from books, but from life.
And a fly in the ointment. It is possible to break out of ideology only when you want to want to do so as one who is sitting under water to breathe, at every moment of his life. And if life has gone this way and you can not live without ideas, so at least love your gods, and not someone else’s isms.

Written by: Eduard Volkov
Translated by: Maja Volkov

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