Katia has her 8th birthday

Katia has her 8th birthday

Today is Katia’s birthday, her 8th birthday. She is so big, I still can’t believe. It’s like I have one part that remembers my age of 8th and that I felt so big – and that she feels the same. And the other part still looks at her and sees her as a small girl and that she can’t be that old.

When I was small

Funny thing – 8 years ago I was 8 years old and my sister was born. When I was little I didn’t have a sister and, because we were moving from city to city, no real friend. At that time I wanted to have a sister so we can spend time playing together. And then Katia was born. I was very happy, I had many thoughts of how it will be when she will be big.

Every day, after school I would pick her up from a kindergarten, go to a playground together and then we would come back home and I would help her with her homework. This was my thought of our future. I also thought of how it will be when she will be big. That we would be like best friends, going everywhere together. But then I didn’t think of our age difference and I didn’t expect to have more sisters. I just couldn’t wait till she will be big enough to think by her self and talk with me like a friend.

I remember, how we made jokes; that in the morning while getting ready there would be a long queue to a bathroom.

When Katia was small she was fat, small and sneaky. She grew strong – at that time we had a goat and we drunk her milk. She always talked a lot. While having 3 years she had a time when she made faces all the time. But I was quite strict with her and she became more closed and quiet. I’m so angry at myself for that.


Now she is big and she thinks by herself. Sometimes I look at her and think of how big and smart she is and how was I at this time and what I feel is happiness. She has her small sisters and she plays with them. There was a time when I was jealous that I’m not at their age or angry because Katia hasn’t born earlier.

Now somehow we have never just talked, of course, we did but not in the way friends would do. I teach her and every day she has to tell me what she has read. I’m trying to be as much patience as it is possible. I’m for her like an older sister not like a friend as I would like it to be. We walk together, we play and read but she fears me, sometimes, a little that I might say something or do something. A friend doesn’t fear her friend and I’m trying to bond us with this kind of bonds. But it isn’t so easy.

The gift

So today we had a ‘party’. As I said in my previous post, I have made a gift for Katia. Around 7 days ago I had started to think about it. Somehow I had never made gifts for my small sisters (only together with mom if I did) but now I thought of that and I had no idea what to give to her. And then in a moment came an idea to make a box in which are many, many different things. I personally, as a child and now too, love those. Even Christmas gifts are nothing comparing to a package like this. Then I thought of what will I buy and how will I make the box.

In the end, I just decided to buy few things and make a box of a borrowed cartoon. I would glue on the box colored paper so it is colorful. I asked Nadia to color some blank paper and she did it well. The day before I went with mom and we have bought a lot of things. Somehow I didn’t think of food a lot like biscuits or chips but my mom did not hesitate. I thought of sweets etc but not that much. I wanted to buy for Katia some watercolor but we didn’t find any. Instead, we bought a ball, modeline, pencils, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, juices, chocolate bars, color tapes, chips, and some other things. I was disappointed that I had no watercolor.

In the evening we made everyone to bed and started working o the box. We had a shiny color paper that we stuck to a box with a tape and wasn’t easy as it appeared. W did it for around 3 hours, less probably. Then we packed the things. It was mom idea to pack each thing. There was a theory, the more unpackaging the more fun.

We finished everything at 2:30 am. Still, I wanted to buy some sweets and make roses of paper on top. In the morning mom bought the napkins and I had made 3 white roses on top which looked beautiful.

The day

As always, but with the bigger smile, Katia woke up hogging or rather getting hogs from everyone with wishes. I finished the gift and we just did everything as always. Everyone went to computers and girls were playing.

Then around 3 pm dad took made a video of how we gave the present and Katia’s excitement, her fast hands moving from one to another object. I was quite irritated that she almost didn’t look at what she just opened, she just looked and trowed it beside. But what can I do, it’s her birthday and let her do so. The package was fully open in 3 minutes and we started to make balloons with sweets inside, put masks on and play with new toys or understand it.

After girls just played in their dresses and Katia in her crown. I went to a computer and the most day went like this. After I wanted to expand the topic of sky lantern but I discovered that, which is very weird, my father had lost his hope. I didn’t because I thought that it must work somehow. Not like this then in another way.

In the evening I took the lightest plastic bag we had, and using a wire I stuck the aluminum on which was fuel, with the bag. Some mix of cotton, oil, wax, and matches. I didn’t make the construction but hold it in hands. We went outside with Katia and the ballon stood by itself but it still was too heavy and, because of a big amount of very hot air inside the bag started melting even without touching the fire. If the bag was bigger maybe it would fly.

Then we ate dinner and now I’m writing the post half sleepy. Tomorrow we will buy a cake and meet our friends, as today they couldn’t come.

Below is the video from Katia’s birthday and the second video is from 2010 year and later when Katia was an infant and then older. How her laugh would make everyone insane.

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