Little bit about Polish lifestyle

Little bit about Polish lifestyle

From which we escaped …

Deciding on the offspring, we would usually want it to grow into happy people. What does it mean to someone – a different matter … a happy life depends on the relationship with the desired person, the popularity on social networks, the number of people haunting the house, most – more or less – wants to base on the possessed goods.
For us, good equipment and the comfort of life is a nice thing, but the most important factor is the awareness of what is happening around us and the ability to understand the beings that surround us. The greatest enemies of this idea are two very Polish conspirators named Nyyk and Lennia in their behavior.

Meeting old friends when asked – what’s going on – we usually answer – old bida; the old way. We are indeed under the influence of the West and the American smile from ear to ear along with the cheeseburger every day went into the blood for some. But the average employee of a branch of any Western concern – and we only have one in our country – in the evening sitting with friends to beer does not create a bright future …
We sail alone on the wave of what the government coalition has accused us of guilty of everything, and we teach our children too. After all, the idea of ​​democracy does not allow to plan the future for the children, they supposedly should decide at the right time. However, heavy indoctrination flowing with a wide stream from school, TV, and even cartoons sets our children into a hierarchy of values ​​very early.
Noticing this stream by us is just a result of our laziness.

In principle, this style is not Polish, but western – these are large global organizations and some concerns create for us this magnificent pool of indoctrination, in which we Poles are also lucky to bathe. However, ours is the grumbling flowing in Polish veins. After all, experts lead us, and it’s bad anyway … so what can we do little ones?

It is not my goal to incite the revolution in the ranks of our countrymen, but to increase the value of independent management of my life. Let us be aware and let our children be raised in this spirit – in any society and system we would not live – my life depends on me. In the end, I will quote a friend’s short post …

“Cry less and less resent yourself, and life will show you your pleasant face. Avoid at all costs assigning yourself the status of an aggrieved party. No matter how bad your position is, try not to blame external forces, such as history, state, administration, childhood, parents, moon phases, or late bombing … the menu is extensive and tedious.

At the moment when you attribute blame to external factors, you are weakening your own determination and the possibility of making a change. In this way, you increase the black hole of irresponsibility, for which, unknowingly, as carried by the wind, a paralyzed will flows, and which demons and demons like to fill all kinds of things.

Respect life not only for its charm but also because of the difficulties it brings. These are the elements of this game, and the best of all is that they are not a scam – they are real. Each time you are on the verge of despair, or you think you are falling into the abyss or experiencing really serious difficulties, understand:

this life speaks to you in the only language known to him. ”

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