The winter is over – in nepal we have summer

The winter is over – in nepal we have summer

We came to Nepal in around 20th January and it was very cold. Around to 5 degrees at night and 15 in day time. We changed from hot Tamil Nadu to cold Nepal in few days so it was not easy to get used.

At that time the temperature slowly increased day by day. In February we got a flat and managed to get mattresses. We slept by 2, one big with one small, watching that girls are covered. But often we were little sick.

Imagine how happy we were when it became warmer. Each day 1 degree more. In February in was cold but in came high to 20 degrees. In March the sun was often out warming intensity. It was still little cold but the sun was out.

In April the temperature was quit great. We sleep well. Even one blanket is enough. But there is much more rain. There were even few storms. Mosquitoes had come too.

Now we can walk without socks, additional layers and caps. We only sleep with socks and a blouse.

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