Yakwool – how to buy it without a failure

Yakwool – how to buy it without a failure

Initial recognition of the topic for those who want to buy a shawl made of yak wool.

The first shopkeeper asked by me about yak wool showed a pile of neatly arranged shawls with bright colors saying ‘Yak wool, 300 rupees’. I stroked and tauched the material and provocatively said ‘This is not yak wool, show me the real yak wool .’

‘Ok, m-am, if you want to buy real wool yak, you have to go to the mountains …’

Then he took the original wool from the wardrobe and presented it. He gathered a few hairs from the shawl and set it on fire – the smell of keratin, the same as it is emitted when firing sheep’s wool or hair. The regular price is 1000 rs, often higher – as in Nepal – of course you have to bargain.

The conversation in the next stores looked similar, especially in its first stage. Generally, you can sum up that what is sold in a wide range of bright colors at 300 rs is not exactly yak wool, although it is sometimes written so. It’s a mixture of polyester and cotton, in which cotton makes up no more than 30%.

Of course you can buy an original wool shawl in Kathmandu, but you must know what to look for … It will have gray-blue colors, it can be two-colored, sometimes even gray-red, but not bright.

shawl made of yak wool

it is not yak wool

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