Living 2 months in Goa with 4 kids

Living 2 months in Goa with 4 kids

22nd of April 2015, Wednesday

When we got bored with the big city we took the bus and went to the town called Margao. Between 4.00pm and 7.00pm, we were still passing Mumbai streets. The Sleeper Class in our bus offered us some comfort all night and at 8.00 in the morning we reached Goa state. Twenty minutes by rickshaw and we got to the Indian Sea beach. Hot morning sun, fresh sea breeze, some cold beer, some sweet bananas for kids, and we didn’t need anything else.

The place was called Colva Beach. Not far from there, in Sernabatim village we have found nice accommodation. Two rooms, kitchen, bathroom, big living room with tv, nice couch and three balconies. Every day in the afternoon we walked to the beach by Colva streets exploring some shops on the way… After, we have found a nice and quiet shortcut that was passing through grass and sand dunes. Some pounds, some exotic plants by the way… that nice area allowed me to get closer with Indian flora – the first time I have seen cashew fruits. Seeing for the first time jackfruit on a tree I was really shocked by its size and the way how this kind of pumpkin can grow on a tree… I also tried to hunt for a wild mango but it seems not that tasty as fresh garden mango… that’s the dream of my tongue! It was also a place where my daughter learned to drive a bike. You can understand how happy she was about that.

Because we love to test new tastes we decided, with Maya, to get some sport. It was a few days in this sweet two months in Goa when we had run on the beach. Along the beach, we took the opportunity to swim there a little. So fresh, morning experience!

The beach called us every day not only for the sea but also to our friends in a Russian pub called Zenith – the owners – mother and son, the clients – our Russian friend Natasha with her sweet six years old son – a friend of Katia – and her Punjabi boyfriend which turned out as very good cooker… and two Kashmir boys, pub workers which had so much care for our kids, that we cannot forget never and ever…



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