Our first impressions of India

Our first impressions of India

28th of February 2015, Saturday

So, we reached Mumbai on the 26 of February early in the morning.

The big surprise was that we could take off the warm clothes we were wearing… sitting in the airport we were still wearing our coats because we couldn’t believe in our happiness…

We sat on the plane 25th of February – Katia’s birthday. Just 3 months before, I asked her for a gift and she answered me:” to fly a plane!”. So dreams come true very quickly…

Slowly the sun went up and we were taking a ride through the city by taxi to Colaba – the last corner of Mumbai just before the sea. The journey was long and we passed through the dirty city, slums, skyscrapers and when we looked around we all were a little shocked.

In the morning we ate french fries and bought some beer and then we were ready to find accommodation. After a little nap, we went to explore India…

First our impression – India is very sweet and very spicy. The sugar cane juice that we can buy on the street… The dinners in Muslim restaurants. Even if we tell them “not spicy, please”, it would be still that spicy that we always needed cold water to eat it. As it seems to them – It will not be tasty without spices.

Day and night of walking on the streets full of walking cows and goats, exotic fruits, mysterious faces chewing betel, spices and incense smell… and shops with anything we needed, made me realize – India is my country. This is the place where I came from.

God made a little mistake with placing us in Europe… but we corrected it 🙂

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