Few facts about fasting and me

Few facts about fasting and me

Today I’m writing a little about myself and the interesting facts that I met.

First of all, like many other people, I like to eat. Whenever I’m outside and there are thousand of shops around us, mostly with food or clothes I want to go to the one with the food. It’s this terrible human addiction. Well it doesn’t work if I had just eaten a breakfast, of course. Then the fasting comes into topic. It’s the opposite of eating, so whenever I am fasting, its natural that I want to eat but, I know that I can’t. And after few days of so I’m starting to get used to the idea of not eating. And I warn you: even a juice or a tea can brake your effort. As our organism sees them as a food, not a drink. So after getting used, shops with food become not so attractive. And then the door to the clothing shops, opens. As usual I’m not so interested and if I have to buy something I’m unsure and it takes many hours to choose anything. This time this is the attraction I can have.

Now a little memory. Once at the end of my fast I was with my mom walking by the street. I was not tired but weak, holding mom to help myself move. As the feeling made me walk slowly. I just couldn’t run or even shout as it took too much effort. So while walking I saw a shop with clothes and I got so interested which wasn’t normal for me. Sadly we didn’t get a chance to do so.

And here is one more fact. I don’t know how all those girls, eating only salads, do it but my belly is never flat. I mean than when I’m fasting it’s naturally so as nothing is making it big. And then comes the first day of the end of the fast and I drink my well deserved tea. And then what I see, my belly grows even of this one little thing.

That’s actually it. I also want to inform you that by drinking, only water, for 1 week you can lose up to 5 kg.

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